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Give It 100 Helps You Keep Your Resolution Makes You Donate $1 for Every Missed Day



You’re probably already familiar with Karen Cheng (better known as “that one girl who learned to dance in a year and made an awesome video of it”) and her motivational startup Give it 100 that is all about helping you achieve your goals by having you upload a video of your progress every day for 100 days and beyond.

It’s already a phenomenal way to set a goal and stick to it — if you miss a day it’s obvious to everyone following you — but Cheng and partner Finbarr Taylor have come up with something special for New Year’s. They’ve set up a win-win challenge that lets you put your money where your mouth is when it comes to your New Year’s resolutions.

Here’s how it works: If you sign up for their New Year’s challenge, you risk losing $100 to charity.

You sign up just like you would for their normal website, only you authorize them to charge you up to $100 at the end of 100 days, and for every day you miss uploading a video as proof that you took a step towards your goal that day, you donate one of those dollars to Yellow Boots Hurricane Relief (who, incidentally, are actually sharing their own videos each day as they rebuild homes damaged by Hurricane Sandy in New York).


Whether you’re trying to do a 365 project, pick up film, experiment with different types of photography or just get out every day to practice your craft and get better, this could be that extra nudge you need to go out there and actually do it.

If you stick to it and upload proof every day for 100 days, you get all $100 back. But every day you miss means one less dollar you get back, and one more dollar for Yellow Boots. It’s a win-win. On the one hand, you get monetary motivation; on the other, failing never had such positive implications.

So check out our previous coverage to find out more about Give It 100, and then head over to their website to place a $100 bet on yourself and your photography goals. We’re rooting for you!

P.S. We’d never suggest you do something that we wouldn’t try ourselves. So click here to keep up with PetaPixel’s Editor-in-Chief (yours truly) as I embark on my first film photography 365 project and risk $100 of my own.