Creative Lip Synching Music Video Created from 4,000 Portraits of 350 People

It’s getting harder to impress these days when it comes to music videos, because there seems to be an abundance of uber-creative people putting together really interesting takes. A great example is this simple yet moving music video filmed entirely in the reflection of an eyeball.

The band The Paper Kites went a bit more complicated when putting together the music video for their song “Young,” but the results are no less captivating.

To be fair, it wasn’t the band (as usual) that put together the video. The idea was thought up and executed by Australian production company Oh Yeah Wow. And what was that idea? To put together a lip syncing video using portraits of 350 people.

In the end, the video above consists of some 4,000 portraits of those 350 people taken over 7 days and assembled over 10. And if the video isn’t cool enough, it’s full of fun surprises like this if you pause it at the right time:


In their own words, Oh Yeah Wow describe themselves as “pretty cool cats,” who “sail the boat of freedom, on the waves of integrity, aided by the delicious north winds of determination.” With a tagline like that, we don’t see how you can go wrong.

To see more of what they’ve put together, head over to their website, Facebook or Vimeo page by clicking on the corresponding links. Or, alternatively, just click play on the embedded video again, appreciate the amount of work that must have gone into it, and just maybe go hunting for more funny faces.