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Expect the Unexpected: Jimmy Fallon Gets Peed on by Baby During Photo Shoot


Update: The footage has been taken down at the request of Jimmy Fallon’s publicist.

If you’re planning on using a baby in a future photo shoot, take note: you can’t really control their emotions, and they can’t really control their bladders. Of course, if you know what you’re doing, you could end up with some unexpectedly great pictures anyway.

At least that’s what happened to portrait photographer Chris Buck on a recent photo shoot with Jimmy Fallon for Variety magazine. Among other things, he was planning on getting some portraits of Fallon holding a baby. What he wasn’t planning on was the stunt baby peeing on Fallon part-way through the shoot.

Luckily, the baby seemed to be the last bit of the shoot, so he got plenty of other photos. Still, we have a feeling the pee photos were the best of the bunch.

As Buck describes it: “This Variety Magazine shoot starts off energetic and fun, turns super cute, then super wet.” Check out the video at the top to see how that progression went from start to finish. Spoiler alert: the ending is a little gross, and a lot cute.

(via ISO 1200)