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The Unphotographable: Photos that Try to Show that Which Can’t be Photographed

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At the beginning of the year, the Fraenkel Gallery debuted an exhibition and book that approached photography from an interesting angle: the exhibit focused exclusively on “that which cannot be photographed.”

Bringing together works by Alfred Stieglitz, Sophie Calle, Man Ray and more, Fraenkel wanted to display photos and compositions by photographers who tried to capture the impossible, such as thought, time, ghosts or even God.

In the video above, Fraenkel talks a little bit about the exhibit and how the idea came to him. After running across works by Adam Fuss, Liz Deschenes and Idris Khan one right after the other a few years back, he immediately decided to seek out similar work.

“I realized, these are photographers who are using photographic means to try to photograph something that is essentially unphotographable: thought, history, time, dreams,” says Fraenkel. “We started to think about what photographers might work?”


The resulting exhibit ran from January 3 through March 23 of this year, and was accompanied by a 124-page hardcover book that you can still purchase for $55 on the Gallery’s website.

To find out more about The Unphotographable, head over to the Fraenkel Gallery website where you can browse through a captioned selection of photos featured in the book/exhibition and read more from the curator himself.

(via DEVELOP Tube)

1 Comment