Google+ Now Makes Moving, Uploading, Downloading Photos a Breeze


Google’s Plus social networking site — now in its second year — has received a series of updates that are expected to make photo sharing on the service a bit more convenient, and a bit less painful. That’s according to Google’s Jon Emerson, who has posted some updates to Plus on his very own Google Plus page as of Friday.

The updates come on top of a slew of features announced at this year’s Google I/O developer conference, which included Auto Backup, Auto Highlight (chooses the best photo from a particular set), Auto Enhance and Auto Awesome (makes a GIF if it detects photos taken in quite succession).


Now, Google’s adding the three following features at the recommendation of its users:

A new “Move” option makes it easy to move photos between albums. Just pick a few photos in an album (or click the new “Select” link to select all of them) and choose where they go.
Easier photo downloads. Once you’ve selected photos, use the new “Download” option to save them to your computer.
Faster uploading for large sets of photos. We’ve made a few small changes that make adding photos from your desktop an even smoother process.

The recent updates to Plus affirm that Google is putting a tremendous priority on photo sharing — especially since that’s one of the most important elements when it comes to online social networking.

(via Jon Emerson via TheNextWeb)