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Canon 1D C Firmware Update is Service Center-Only, Has Photogs Wondering



Canon recently announced an exciting firmware update for its professional grade cinema camera: the EOS-1D C. But even though the fact that the 1D C can now shoot 25fps 4K is exciting, it’s not improvements or bug fixes that have people talking, it’s the fact that Canon is requiring that you go to an authorized service center to get the new firmware installed.

Given the recent updates from Magic Lantern that seem to have brought the 5D Mark III and other, cheaper cameras suspiciously close to 1D C quality, it’s no wonder Canon is keeping a tighter leash on their firmware. This service center-only move, however, has some photographers bringing back up the old 1D C vs 1D X debate.


In case you don’t remember, after the 1D C came out, several sources speculated that it may have been nothing more than a 1D X with different firmware and a $7,000 higher price tag. Canon Rumors later brought up the point that there were some slight hardware differences that made it easier for the camera to take the heat (literally) when shooting 4K, but many still questioned whether or not that was worth such a massive price hike.

Now that Canon is forcing 1D C owners to get their firmware updated for them, rather than downloading it onto their computer, the debate has started over as people speculate that Canon is simply trying to keep the new firmware out of 1D X owner’s hands, lest they turn their 1D X into a 1D C.

This is all just speculation, but we’ll keep you updated as we hear more. For now, 1D X owners will have to be satisfied with their own firmware update, which apparently makes your camera play nicer with speedlights, reduces the time it takes to display metering results on the LCD, and fixes several other bugs.

(via The Phoblographer via CanonWatch)