Stunning 4K Time-Lapse Captures Scenes from All Over the US

The term “alchemy” typically evokes images of the transformation of base metals to gold, but for their short film by the same name, Eviosa Studios was trying to capture the kinds of transformations that are happening around us each and every day. And what better way to capture transformation than by shooting a time lapse.

According to the studio’s blog, Alchemy is about transformation in the natural world, because “in nature, everything is constantly changing.” So the folks at Eviosa took a Canon 5D Mark III, Mark II, 7D and some motion controlled Kessler Crane dollies and cranes on the road with them to capture that transformation at 4K resolution.

The resulting time-lapse is a gorgeous exploration of both their concept, and the country it was filmed in. From the Alabama Hills, to Dead Horse Point, to the North and South rims of the Grand Canyon, Alchemy offers a mesmerizing five minutes you won’t regret spending.