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8K Patagonia Time Lapse Combines 100,000 Medium Format Photos



Time and again photographer Martin Heck has captured our attention by pushing the time lapse envelope. We’ve featured two of his 4K time lapses in the past, and today we get to show you something even more stunning: his 8K Patagonia time lapse captured entirely on a medium format camera.

To shoot this beauty, Martin spent 6 weeks on the road, traveling over 7500Km and capturing nearly 100,000 frames… he also wrecked a car and experienced a volcanic eruption along the way. All the images were captured using a medium format Pentax 645Z.

The product of all this blood, sweat, tears, and awe is a time-lapse so high resolution most of us can’t even enjoy it in its full glory. If you can, click play on the 8K version below; otherwise you’ll have to settle with the 4K or *shudder* 1080p versions like the rest of us peasants:

That volcanic eruption we mentioned earlier? That refers to the eruption of Calbuco in Chile, and it didn’t make the video above; however, it does make an appearance in the BTS video below. And if you loved that little snippet, check out his full Calbuco 4K time lapse. It’s a stunner…

To see more of Heck’s impressive work, visit his website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, or Twitter profile.

(via Fstoppers)