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What Its Like to Shoot Photos and Video with Google Glass Camera Glasses



Google has put up a slick new website for the Glass augmented reality glasses it’s developing, and today the company released a neat new video that offers a first look at what it feels like to use the glasses during “everyday life” (or perhaps, “while living the life”).

The glasses gives its wearer a heads up display (HUD) that is interacted with via voice commands. The company writes,

It’s surprisingly simple. Say “take a picture” to take a picture. Record what you see, hands free. Even share what you see, live.

Directions are right in front of you. Speak to send a message, or translate your voice. Get the notifications that matter most. Ask whatever’s on your mind and get answers without having to ask.

The camera component is quite interesting, as it allows you to snap casual photographs and videos of what you’re experiencing without having to pull out a camera or fiddle with anything using your hands.


Apparently, telling the glasses to start listening for voice commands involves first uttering the phrase, “okay glass.”


Once the device is ready to receive an instruction, you can say “take a picture” to quickly snap a photo:


…or “record a video” to capture some footage:



You can share your point of view live with others via Google Hangouts…


…and quickly send photos and videos to others via online sharing:


The glasses can even do browsing for online photos. Say “google photos of tiger heads,” and this pops up:


Here’s the full teaser video that shows these commands and a few more as well:

Google Glass is still in the early stages of testing, but if you’d like to participate as a tester, you can apply through the website.