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Actress Evan Rachel Wood Furious After Ultrasound Snap Snapped by Paparazzi



Heads up, celebrities: nothing is too personal for the lenses of money- and star-hungry paparazzi photographers. Actress Evan Rachel Wood found out the hard way today after The Daily Mail published paparazzi photographs of her leaving a hospital with an ultrasound scan image clutched in her hands. The article was titled, “Baby’s first picture! Pregnant Evan Rachel Wood can’t stop smiling as she emerges with ultrasound scan.” Understandably, Wood was furious.

After discovering the article and photographs, Wood tweeted a serious of Tweets to her Twitter account with some very strong words for the photographer who secretly snapped the pictures:

You took a picture of my ultrasound photo???!!!! I couldnt be more furious right now. I want to cry. My child isnt even born yet. [#] Thats my child. Its not even out of the womb and they are snapping photos of it. I am getting out of la. People have no hearts. [#] I have never been more violated by a photographer. Thats the inside of my body and my child. Would u like my soul too? nothing is sacred. [#]

Here’s the entire series of Tweets posted by Wood:


Her demand that the Daily Mail take down the article and images appears to have worked — the page is no longer available on the news site.


Paparazzi photographers have been making headlines quite a bit as of late, as more and more of their activities (rather than their photos) have been making the news.

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Image credit: Evan Rachel Wood 2009 by David Shankbone by david_shankbone