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How to Upgrade Your Fujifilm X-E1 Into a Leica M9 on the Cheap


Well, what do you know: upgrading a Fujifilm X-E1 is easy! A photographer named Richard over at Fuji Rumors figured out how to transform his $1,000 X-E1 into a $6,400 Leica M9 digital rangefinder. The upgrade costs just pennies — it only requires four strategically placed decal stickers.

Here’s another view of his enhanced camera:

For comparisons sake, here’s what a standard Leica M9 looks like if you buy the full version directly without going through the X-E1 upgrade path:

As a tip: the X-Pro1 is a bit closer in design to the Leica M9, so if you’d like to save yourself a viewfinder decal, you can upgrade to the M9 using that camera instead.

If you want to avoid unwanted attention from thieves, however, this upgrade probably isn’t the way to go. After all, photographers pay extra to not have that red dot.

(via Fuji Rumors via Mirrorless Rumors)

Image credit: Upgraded X-E1 photos by Richard, Leica M9: Front by bfishadow