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Build Yourself a Cheapo DIY Beauty Dish Using Styrofoam Bowls


Photographer Kirsty Wiseman didn’t want to shell out money for a real beauty dish — she doesn’t really need one — so she built this funny-looking DIY beauty dish for a few pennies using a couple of Styrofoam bowls, a couple of cocktail sticks, and a piece of aluminum foil. After playing around with it, Wiseman was delightfully surprised to find that her gear hack actually produced decent results.

She writes,

In sum, although my beauty dish is somewhat smaller (and uglier) than your average dish, it’s worth playing about with a homemade one until you can appreciate what size you want to work with and whether you like the results to warrant buying the real deal.

I’m on the look out for larger polystyrene dishes to broaden the area I want to work on but in the interim, I’m happy to faff around with my little creation until I decide whether to spend the big bucks or not. Or maybe just continue using this monstrosity and fake it until someone can convince me otherwise.

To try your own hand at creating an ugly beauty dish to play around with, head on over to Wiseman’s site for a step-by-step tutorial.

DIY Beauty Dish – for £1 [Kirsty Wiseman]

Image credits: Photographs by Kirsty Wiseman