Nikon Coolpix S800 Will Reportedly Be the Company’s First Android Camera

How do you feel about Android OS? How about Android OS in your camera? If you’re a Nikon compact camera user, that might soon be possible. Nikon is reportedly planning to announce its first Android-based point-and-shoot in the very near future.

First reported by Nikon Rumors, the camera will likely be called the Coolpix S800, based on this Indonesian Communication Agency listing that was filed at the end of July:

Here are the camera’s specs: a 25-250mm lens, a 3.5-inch OLED screen, Android 2.3 OS, and built in GPS and Wi-Fi.

The major feature is the fact that the camera would be able to run all Google Play apps. Want to play games on your camera? You’ll be able to. Need to enter something into a to-do list to remember later? You can do that too!

To the frustration of photography purists everywhere, there would likely be an entire ecosystem of retro filter apps for the camera.

Having cameras move in the direction of phones and computers isn’t an idea unique to Nikon: Polaroid has already launched an Android-based camera, and Samsung and Panasonic are both reportedly looking into the possibility.

If this report is actually true, then Nikon would be the first major manufacturer to jump headfirst into mobile computer-style cameras. They might be unveiling the camera on August 22nd, and if they do, it’ll be quite an attraction at Photokina in Germany next month.