Next Gen MacBook Pro to Offer Retina Display for High-Res Photo Editing

Big updates coming at you from Apple’s WWDC for the MacBook Pro line today, the most impressive of which was their super thin, “next generation” 15-inch MacBook Pro that now boasts a retina display. With 220 pixels per inch, and over 5 million pixels overall, the screen will offer 4-times the resolution of previous models — needless to say we’re impressed with the photo edition possibilities here.

The Next Gen MacBook Pro starts shipping today at a starting price of $2,199, which is of course only the beginning if you want to add more memory, ram or processor speed. Apple’s Aperture is already updated to work with the new display, so Aperture users will be able to take advantage of the drastically increased resolution right away (Apple is calling it “a game changer” for photographers), while Adobe is already hard at work on a similar update for Photoshop. We don’t know about you, but our wallets are begging for mercy right about now…

(via Engadget)