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Apple Adds HDR Photography to the iPhone and iPod Touch


Apple had a special event this morning where they announced a few new products. In addition to the introduction of HD-video recording on the iPod Touch, an interesting new announcement was the HDR Photography feature in iOS 4.1, which is found on the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad (though the iPad doesn’t currently have a camera).

On the Apple website, the description of this feature reads:

Take great photos that capture a wider range of light intensity using the new high dynamic range (HDR) setting on iPhone 4, which automatically combines multiple exposures into a single HDR image.

Hopefully the feature is flexible and allows the user to tweak the resulting photograph.

Automatic HDR modes are becoming increasingly common on consumer cameras, and may become a ubiquitous feature before long. You’ll be able to download the iOS 4.1 update soon.