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Amsterdam Then and Now by Jo Teeuwisse


Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse is a historical consultant in Amsterdam who loves making photographs in the same locations as historical photos.

These amazing photographs were created by shooting new photos of old locations, and mixing them with the old photographs she finds:

Teeuwisse tells us,

I got the idea when I tried to find out more about some photos I found on a flea market. Trying to discover where they were taken I looked around my city, found the locations and took photos to compare then and now. Mixing them was just a experiment and because I was happy with the result I decided to do the same with other historical photos.

I am a historical consultant for film, tv, authors, museums, etc. and I even have a 1930s lifestyle. History is part of my daily life, I can’t help but see the shadows of the past.

To see more of Teeuwisse’s work, check out this set on Flickr.

Image credits: Photographs by Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse and used with permission