Aputure Gigtube: A Shutter Release with Live View


Here’s a little DSLR accessory that might be a great Christmas present for a photographer you know. The Aputure Gigtube is a “remote viewfinder” that allows you to use the “live view” functionality of your camera off-camera. You can either mount it on your hot-shoe, or use it separately as a remote shutter release.

This off-camera view allows you to use you to compose shots in situations that you previously had to guess in. For example, you could have your camera high above you head on a monopod, yet still compose your photo using the off-camera live view. It’s also great for self-portraits and for shooting video, since the LCD swivels like the detachable LCD screens in point-and-shoot cameras.

The Aputure Gigtube is currently priced between $189-$190, and can be found for pretty much any Canon or Nikon camera that supports Live View.