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Fleximus: A Flexible Digital Camera Concept


Remember the Nova Concept DSLR? Well this one might be even stranger. Fleximus is a conceptual digital camera that’s based on a flexible tube:

The viewfinder of this tube-shaped camera is on one end of the tube, with the lens on the other. You can either use the compact viewfinder by putting that end of the tube to your eye, or you can attach an optional three-inch display module for a more traditional feel.

The idea behind this concept is that it allows you to take photographs at unconventional angles and with greater flexibility.

This might be useful for street photographers… or maybe spies. The concept of separating the viewfinder physically from the lens and camera itself obviously isn’t new, and can be done already on DSLRs with accessories such as the Aputure Gigtube. However, seeing a whole camera design based around this idea is pretty interesting.

What are your thoughts? Would you consider buying this camera?

Fleximus camera concept (via PC Pro)