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external Arthur Leipzig, Photographer of Everyday Life in New York, Dies at 96 —NYTimes

Arthur Leipzig, a documentary photographer known for his crisp, detailed, emotionally provocative images, particularly those of children at play on the streets and piers of mid-20th-century New York City, died on Friday at his home in Sea Cliff, N.Y. He was 96.


Mr. Leipzig (pronounced LIPE-zig) was one of the last surviving members of a generation of socially minded photographers — others included Helen Levitt, Roy DeCarava, Jerome Liebling and Gordon Parks — who took to the streets to record life as they encountered it.

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Hasselblad Offers Massive Price Cuts on H5D Cameras; Get the H5D-40 Almost Half Off


There may never be a better time to jump into Hasselblad digital medium format than between now and Christmas Eve. All of December, the storied brand is offering steep, thousands-of-dollars-off discounts on its H5D cameras and lenses — you can even get one for under $10,000! Read more…

external What’s Your Niche: Stephen Crowley, Political Photojournalist —PDN

Photographer Stephen Crowley, known for his distinctive, insightful, behind-the-scenes political coverage for The New York Times, explains how he works around the limits imposed on press photographers and what drives him to make his images informative.

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Seriously Epic Drone Footage from Iceland to Get Your Heart and Wanderlust Racing

If Patrick and Lee from Fstoppers and landscape/travel photographer Elia Locardi‘s goal was to get our hearts racing, they’ve succeeded in spades with the drone footage they just released from their time in Iceland. Read more…

external Photo Legend Provides a Fresh Eye on Action Sports —Red Bull

…no matter how many shots are snapped, how expensive, small, or advanced the camera, a basic knowledge of composition is paramount in capturing a decent image. No one appreciates that principle more than Jim Krantz.

The Chicago-native was commisioned to photograph Red Bull Global Rallycross LA, but his name is not synonymous with the world of action sports. However, there are few Americans who have not seen Jim’s work, as his images have been part of many well-known ad campaigns for companies such as Phillip Morris, Samsung, and Nokia.

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Hands On: See How the Nikon D750 Performs in a Plethora of Real-World Situations

The Canon 7D Mark II has kind of stolen many of the headlines away from a different camera that was released right around the same time: the Nikon D750. A full-frame shooter that boasts an impressive sensor, DPReview recently took the 750 out to Seattle’s Museum of Flight for a very informative, in-depth set of real-world tests that they’ve compiled into the 19-minute video review above. Read more…

Watch Sophia the Rhodesian Ridgeback Grow from 2 Months to 3 Years Old in 23 Seconds

From an adorable puppy into… well.. a much larger adorable puppy, this short time-lapse by Greg Coffin captures his dog Sophia’s growth from 2 months to 3 years old. Read more…

external Surfing Seals Catch a Wave in South Africa —Nat Geo | PROOF

The rugged coastline [of Cape Town] produces powerful swells at a place where the reefs come out of deep water, making it the perfect playground for fur seals—social, playful creatures that surf the waves like dolphins, just for fun.

Photographer Thomas Peschak had been watching these seals for years and wanted to take a photograph of them surfing from a unique underwater perspective—but first he had to figure out how to do it without getting himself seriously injured or killed.

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external Sony A7 Mark II Hands-On: Here’s What 5-Axis Stabilization Can Do —Gizmodo | Reframe

The recent surprise announcement of Sony’s a7 Mark II had people reeling about the first-ever 5-axis in-body stabilization on a full-frame camera. We recently got our meathooks on one of the new cams and wanted to show you just a bit of what it can do before giving it a more comprehensive report.

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external African Diasporas, Playing With the Past —NYTimes | Lens

Omar Victor Diop, a Senegalese photographer, was feeling out of place during an artist residency in Málaga, Spain, when he discovered the seminal series “The Image of the Black in Western Art.” In it, he found centuries-old Western paintings from the Menil Collection in Houston that depicted people of African descent from the Renaissance to the emergence of the slave trade.

As an African who was educated in Paris, he was aware of the long history of marginalizing the African diaspora in European museums. Understandably, he was captivated by what he saw.

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