Ubersnap Photo Sharing Platform Lets You Combine Music and Photography in Melodic Matrimony

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Whether or not you’re conscious of it when watching a movie, the sounds and soundtrack play as significant of a role as the actual imagery. Sadly, none of the standard photo sharing options allow us still photographers the luxury of framing our visual message with melody… until now.

A fairly new and interesting platform called Ubersnap is looking to change this music-less status quo.

Ubersnap is a photo sharing web-app that goes one step further than filters and sharing options by letting you combine the visual impact of your photography with the emotional impact of a proper soundtrack.

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The concept behind the web-only app (for now) is sort of what you might imagine a lovechild between Flickr and SoundCloud would function like. After signing up and getting your profile ready, you simply upload a photograph of your choosing to your profile, search for a song or sound from their available options, and pair the two together in visual and melodic matrimony.

The UI for the app is somewhere between Pinterest and Vine, with ‘likes,’ ‘reposts,’ comments and various share options present to promote your own — and others’ — work. And in addition to displaying the photograph and sound together, it also displays the information of the track being played alongside the option to purchase the track.

In an email sent to us by the Ubersnap team, the company claims there are 1,000 users on the service already with a handful more joining every day. It’s not much, but it’s the start of a community, and if you take the time to browse through some of the images on their platform, you immediately realize how much more control the photographer has over the story their image tells when they can set it to music.

To find out more and sign up for an account, head on over to Ubersnap’s website and get started for free.

  • jaakewilson

    photos are music. its amazing what both of these can do together.

  • Aesth12

    How fantastic that there is yet another new platform taking advantage of photographers. Offer up your photographs as free imagery to accompany music purchases. I see a “purchase track” link but I don’t see an option to purchase the print.

    Sadly, many photographers will be excited about this opportunity.

    Photographers who don’t care about their image rights will continue to put nails in the coffins of photographers who make their living from their art. There is no shortage of new website startups that will exploit this type of idiocy.

  • Boon Chin Ng

    Hi Aesth12,

    Sorry that you feel that way. We were required to add the “Buy Track” link by our music partner to provide the tracks for our users, since we don’t own any of the songs; there’s really nothing sinister going on behind the scenes. Keep in mind that our service hasn’t been around for very long at all, and we could very well add the option to purchase prints in the future.

    I think there are different products for different purposes. For photographers who are making a living off their art, services like SmugMug will serve them very well. Our focus at the moment is different; if you want to join a community of creative photographers doing something new and exciting with their photos, Ubersnap is a fantastic place to be.

  • Boon Chin Ng

    We think so too! Glad that you like our concept, hope to see you on Ubersnap!

  • Bill Binns

    “none of the standard photo sharing options allow us still photographers the luxury of framing our visual message with melody” – Thank Yeebus for that.

    Based on virtually every time lapse video I have ever seen, photographers have terrible taste in music.

  • Boon Chin Ng

    Haha, not sure if that’s a totally fair comment! Based on what we’ve seen on Ubersnap so far, I’d say their taste is just fine. Then again, maybe that means I have terrible taste too.