onOne Software is Giving Away Its $100 Perfect Effects 8 Software for Free… Again

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Just in case you missed your chance when onOne Software ran this deal the first time a few months back, the company is yet again giving away its Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition software, usually $100, completely free in exchange for your email.

Part of Perfect Photo Suite 8, Perfect Effect 8 is usually used alongside a RAW image editor like Lightroom. Because while there are a few basic editing options in there, the main draw of Perfect Effects is… well… the effects. More specifically: the presets.

The premium edition offers 23 groups of presets, with more than 100 different presets total.


As with the last time they offered the software for free download, there’s no word on when the deal will expire, so if you’re interested, click here to jump on this deal before it’s too late.

Honestly there’s no real reason not to. If you don’t like it, you can always uninstall and unsubscribe from that pesky email list you just signed up for.

  • Ed Rhodes

    Awesome, thanks for posting. I’m heading to Alaska next week, will be interesting to see how these work with my photos

  • Poki

    Yep, it’s a nice piece of software. Perfect Mask works fine, and Perfect Effects offers some unique options. You shouldn’t stick with the preset ones though, as there are some highly configurable awesome tools in there which can be stacked so you can create pretty awesome stuff with it.

  • Banan Tarr

    I live in Alaska (have for my entire life) and, though none of these presets really appeal to me and I prefer manual editing in Lightroom/Photoshop, I am curious to see what you come back home with from your journey!

  • Ben-Jamin

    No LR5 plug in tho, only LR4.

  • Mauricio Schneider

    It works just fine in LR5.

  • Ashutosh Sharma

    Sweet. Just edited couple of images using the software and it works like magic.
    Thanks for a beautiful gift OnOne. You Rock.

  • Miguel Diaz

    Anyone else getting Norton security flags when they’ve downloaded it?

  • Puppage

    Yup, Norton wouldn’t let me unzip the file after downloading. Then it completely removed it.

  • Lana Gramlich

    Norton said the download was dangerous and removed it.

  • Diana Hedrick

    download was determined unsafe by norton securitysuite and was removed >?

  • the_gator

    It’s safe, I got an error message a while back from AVG antivirus, when I downloaded it. Called the company and they were good about answering my questions. I turned off the antivirus, downloaded it, than scanned it and whole computer and all was good.

  • Peter Croft

    I’ve just bought a Sigma DP1. Anyone know if it will open the Sigma RAW files? They’re tagged .X3F I think (I don’t have the camera yet).

  • Leonardo Abreu

    Nice… Thanks!

  • Bindermichi

    same here

  • Bindermichi

    In which case it’s still either unsafe or sloppy programmed software

  • Viktor Dite

    Thank you very much!

  • JasonEnzoD

    Get rid of Norton and starting thinking for yourself instead. I haven’t used av software for well over 10 years. Never had a virus. All you need is clean-up utility like CCleaner.

  • David

    This software is not a RAW converter it is just an effects plugin. Can also be used as stand alone. You need to export to psd and chose open with Perfect Effects.

  • zjkxhy


  • Norshan Nusi

    Really thanks!

    Wonderful software~