Tourist Crashes Drone Into Yellowstone Hot Spring, Or: This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


Remember when all national parks banned drones? Well, apparently someone didn’t. Because last weekend, a tourist visiting the beautiful and pristine Yellowstone National Park managed to crash his right into a hot spring.

Al Nash, a spokesman for Yellowstone said the drone’s pilot reported the downed vehicle into the Grand Prismatic Spring last weekend. As is to be expected a number of other tourists witnessed the crash.

Nash said to Missoulian, ”our concern is about any potential impacts to the iconic Yellowstone thermal feature.” rightly so considering the Grand Prismatic hot spring is one of the most popular attractions within Yellowstone, showing off its vibrant colors and 300’ diameter.

Officials said they’re working on removing the drone. However, at 160º Fahrenheit, it’s likely to be nice and tender after soaking in mother nature’s stew. That being said, we’ve seen GoPros survive some pretty intense situations, so who knows! We might have some footage to share with you in the coming days.

(via Missoulian)

Image credits: Grand Prismatic Spring by Bill Gracey

  • Helen Ellis

    I’m not a photographer, I don’t even have a decent camera ( or phone). :-)

  • Samuel Ashdown

    Depends on whether you’re worried about the drone or spring. Can’t imagine a kilo of lithium is what yellowstone rangers ideally want in their water

  • InThePanhandle

    And quite irritating as hell to anyone within 500 yards of one.

  • mzungu

    We are our own worst enemy… Don’t show these videos, and encourage illegal behaviors.

  • Colin Smith

    Photographers have as much right to enjoy the parks as anyone else. In fact their fees help maintain the parks. There are many place that I go, where I have never seen a person without a camera.

  • Ayatollyahso

    I am/was on the verge of buying one of these for aerial video ;but this is the kind stuff that just drives me nuts.the faa is going to decide on regulating these by the end of 2015. They are cool toys but people don’t want to hear and see these things buzzing around especially at cool places where you want to enjoy the spectacle provided by nature.