Chinese SWAT Member and Fiancée’s Action-Packed Engagement Photos Go Viral


As a SWAT officer, Hou Weilin needs to be constantly prepared for any situation that may arise. Thus, when his fiancée, Li Jinyang, wanted to get engagement photographs, he was unable to do so in a studio setting, where he’d be too far distanced from his equipment and gear, should a situation arise.

As a compromise, Weilin and his fiancée used his workplace to their advantage to create some crazy, cinematic engagement photos.

With the help of the other members of his team, the action-packed photographs took form on the SWAT training grounds. From gravity-defying photographs of Weilin repelling down for a kiss to a sharp-shooter moment turned romantic, the photos were sure to catch some eyes. And they did.


Not long after the SWAT team published the photographs on Chinese microblogging service Weibo this past Friday, the images went viral. Across all of China and beyond, viewers shared their well wishes on the Weibo account of the Chongqing Special Police Corp.

Part romantic, part bada**, this creative engagement shoot somehow manages to melt your heart and get your adrenaline pumping all at the same time. To see the full gallery of images, head on over to Ziamen.

(via CRJ News)

Image credits: Photographs by Chongqing Armed Police Corps

  • Pickle

    This is very original and never ever been done before. In addition, rather than being an intimate private matter, marriage proposals need to be elaborate productions that not only are forced upon your facebook friends, but also sent out to news agencies for all the world to see so random strangers can be in aww of how much you love your fiance. After all, nobody else has ever felt the way you do about your partner and the world needs to know. That is true love.


    you call it badass? i can’t even look at it and not think how cheesy it looks

  • Alex

    Each to their own, I guess.
    That’s what they wanted and I’m guessing the photographer got paid…win-win.

  • OtterMatt

    Not gonna lie, I find that a little sad.

  • OtterMatt

    I’m guessing they don’t hold to the western tradition of not seeing the bride in her dress before the ceremony, then.

    And screw the haters. I think they look adorable together, and they clearly made the best out of the limited space, time, and supplies they could manage. It might have been cheesy if he DIDN’T work for SWAT, but since he does, it comes across much better to me as a perfect example of her accepting his life’s work and adapting to fit into it.

  • dan110024

    Great photos. It’s not really cheesy seeing it’s most probably a big part of his life.

  • Kamran Meyer

    Love the one with the sniper rifle. She’s like “You’re seconds away from killing someone? I’m so happy that we could share this moment.”

  • David Liang

    I find it a little cheesy but the point is the couple likes the photos, and look as though they had a blast doing them. Good stuff

  • Kynikos

    “OK, that’s over.
    Back to crushing democracy protesters under the jackboot of Communism with my sniper rifle.”

  • Julian

    an absolute crock

  • Grive

    Oh, they’re cheesy. They’er cheese incarnate.

    That’s what makes them good. C’mon. Anyone ever had an engagement photoshoot where cheese was not present?

    At least they look happy and having fun,

  • tonyc0101

    Interesting concept…but not the slam-dunk that it could’ve been. Even though the photographer may have done everything technically correct, each image can leave the viewer confused due to the lack of contextual expression, and therefore confuses the series as a whole…for me at least. For instance, the first images has spectacular lighting and effects, but is the groom chasing her or protecting her? For the most part, they are cute moments captured tho…sans the first image….(see what I mean??) LOL

  • WrenDavey

    Look again, she’s spotting for him. She’s like “You’re so cute, but you’re holding the rifle all wrong and you need to control your breathing.”

  • jon


  • jon

    Don’t overthink this set. It’s a case of ‘so bad that it’s good’–camp from my perspective, who knows if that was the intention.


    yea i think for them it looks good and that’s what its for but to show it to other people they will look at it as cheesy

  • tonyc0101

    exactly. lol

  • Mike Chua

    i still prefer the zombie attack one from years ago (Japanese couple, i think). anyone remember those?