Canon 7D Officially Marked ‘Discontinued’ on Amazon


There are plenty of reliable rumors from trusted sources claiming that the 7D Mark II (if that’s even what it’ll be called) will finally be arriving sometime in early September, but those rumors are now being bolstered by another piece of news.

Amazon has officially marked the camera as ‘Discontinued’ and stopped stocking and shipping it themselves. It’s still available from third party retailers, and B&H Photo still has it marked as in stock, but this move by Amazon definitely lens credence to the idea that a new flagship APS-C shooter from Canon is right around the corner.

Check out our previous coverage of all the 7D Mark II rumors to find out what you can expect from the official announcement, and if you’re in the market for a 7D, we suggest you order soon before they’re all out of stock.

(via Canon Rumors)

  • keriboi

    September is getting closer!!!

  • gochugogi

    According to Amazon the replacement is the 70D…

  • Mike Scholle

    That’s funny, “lens credence…”

  • ItsNotMeItsYou

    It says to consider it, not that it replaces it.

  • Drew

    I’m not seeing ‘discontinued’ when I search for this camera.

  • Luke Morrison

    The end of the 7D is inevitable, but it will always be one of my favorite Canon cameras of all time.

  • the truth hurts

    still have mine and im fine w/ it!

  • Luke Morrison

    Same here! It’s my “back-up” camera but I find myself using it more frequently than my primary.