Canon 6D and Sony RX1 Listed as Discontinued by Some Online Retailers

Update: According to Amateur Photographer, Canon has clarified that Amazon UK “got it wrong.” The 6D is not discontinued, although Amazon UK plans to stop selling it.


When a manufacturer officially discontinues a model, it’s like a teaser trailer for what’s to come. You might have no idea what’s going on, but you know that something new is coming. Well, as of today, both the Sony RX1 and the Canon 6D have been marked as discontinued on different online retailers.

Reported originally by Sony Alpha Rumors and Canon Watch, respectively, it seems DigitalRev has the Sony RX1 down as discontinued, while Amazon UK has the 6D listed as “discontinued by manufacturer.”



The Sony news comes as no surprise: we’ve been expecting a true replacement to the RX1 (something newer than the RX1r) for some time now, and rumor has it the revolutionary ‘RX2’ will sport a curved sensor when it arrives in 2015.

What is surprising is that Canon would discontinue the 6D. Of course, this is just one retailer — the 6D is still alive and kicking on B&H, Amazon US and Adorama as of this writing — so it’s possible it’s a mistake. CW‘s sources say the 6D Mark II will arrive in 2015, but maybe the date has been moved up.

For now we’re just playing the same guessing game as everybody else, but as soon as we have more info we’ll be sure to pass it along.