Free Aperture to Lightroom Migration Tool is in Open Beta


The announcement that Apple is discontinuing Aperture has left many users wondering how they’re supposed to properly transfer their soon-to-be irrelevant file structure over to Adobe’s Lightroom.

Neither Adobe nor Apple have yet released an official means to do so (at least not yet), and so software developer Adrian Grah took it into his own hands and created Aperture Exporter: a free utility that automates the process of moving from Aperture to Lightroom 5.

Currently in its third beta, the program is by no means a final product, but it is a work in progress that provides at least one option for those wanting to make the swap sooner than later.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 3.41.32 PM

Grah’s goal was to keep the program as simple as possible, so the settings are few. The settings that do exist are there so you can control the most vital variables when you export your library.

For a walkthrough of how the program works and some tips for ensuring your transition goes as smoothly as possible, head on over to CT Digital Photography. If, on the other hand, you’re ready to give the beta a try, you can head on over to Aperture Exporter’s website for a free download.

Grah only asks that those using the free program provide feedback so he can continue to improve it as the software moves into later beta stages. A “thank you” would probably be appreciated as well.

(via CT Digital Photography)

  • Jeb Springfield

    I think any efforts to just ship just now are premature. We don’t know what the replacement product will do and more importantly Aperture still works and will continue to work on Yosemite.

  • AdamB

    Users wouldn’t be left wondering what to do if they read the actual information that has been let out, in which Apple said they’re working with Adobe to come up with a utility to help with the migration. It’s a little disappointing how few “journalists” seem to have caught this as well.
    I’m not worried about it because as said by Jeb, and by Apple, Aperture will continue to work through Yosemite. So, why get my panties all up in a bunch over something that’s not going to be an issue for another year and a half? There’s plenty of time to work on the details

  • Ted Goudie

    That was debunked almost instantly after TechCrunch first reported it, and then they retracted it. Apple will not be building a tool to help people migrate to someone else’s wallet, they’ll want everyone to use Photos.

  • NDT001

    Why on earth would apple help people migrate away from their own software? They want people to naturally move over to the new ‘Photos’ software.

  • AdamB

    Thanks, I didn’t catch that. That’s often the trouble with blogs, not everyone feels compelled to make appropriate updates and retractions.

  • AdamB

    I have no room to speculate, I don’t work with or for Apple.

  • Josh Zytkiewicz

    “We don’t know” is a frightening thing from a business standpoint. Maybe the new Photos app will have the features from Aperture that I need to run my business and maybe it won’t. If it does, great. If it doesn’t I’ll still have to switch but I’ll be that many months behind my competitors.

    I know what Lightroom is capable of. I know that Lightroom will continue to exist. Apple did itself and it’s users a huge disservice by not laying out exactly what this change would entail.