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Adobe Just Released a Simple and Free Aperture to Lightroom Migration Plugin

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If you’ve been looking to migrate your Aperture library over to Lightroom ever since the official announcement of Aperture’s demise, you’ve had to be content with manually doing it or using one of the unofficial tools that had already been released. But that is no longer the case.

Earlier today, Adobe officially released its own tool: a free Lightroom plugin that will allow you to import your entire Aperture (or iPhoto) library, metadata and all, quickly and easily.

Using the plug-in is easy. Just download it from this page, and it will install automatically from the Creative Cloud Desktop App. Once you relaunch Lightroom, it’ll ask you to update your catalog, which you should do.


Once you’re up and running in Lightroom, just click on File -> Plug-In Extras -> Import from Aperture Library (or iPhoto Library), select the location of your Aperture Library, select a folder you’d like to import into, and click Import. Both originals and altered versions of the photos in your library will be imported automatically.

You can click on Options to customize the import, but basic info that will be carried over includes: Flags, Star Ratings, Keywords, GPS Data, Rejects, Hidden Files, Color Labels, Stacks, and Face Tags. Those last three will be imported as keywords.

To find out more or download your copy of the plugin, make sure you’re updated to Lightroom 5.6 and then click here.

1 Comment