The Cameras We Bring: Each Camera is an Extension of Who We Are

This short inspirational video by the folks at video production company Fidelity Format needs, and will therefore get, very little introduction. It’s called “The Cameras We Bring,” and will speak to every photographer who feels that deep connection with their small (or large…) collection of cameras.

“The photos we take are an expression what we’re looking for not necessarily what we’re looking at,” writes FF in the poignant video’s description. “Every camera we use, we use as an extension of who we are.”

(via Reddit)

  • docholliday666

    Noooo…don’t give the hipsters any ideas!

  • Tobias W.

    LOL. Too late.

  • docholliday666

    They’ll carry the same cameras…but only because they’re cooler than the rest of us.

  • Philip A Swiderski Jr.

    Perfect, as it is who and how I feel as a person and a photographic artist….

  • Burnin Biomass

    Its close to saying “use the correct tool for the job”. Small discrete camera for intimate fly on the wall images, bigger bright camera for interacting and sharing images. Having the correct tool is always best, even if its just helping you emotionally.

  • mimstyle

    The love of photography I can’t shooting too <3

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  • David Vaughn

    I want this girl and Zooey Deschanel to have a quirk off. There can be only one.