Rumor: Canon’s 5D Mark IV Might Feature 4K Video


One of the hopes people had for the Nikon D810 was that it would feature 4K video, but even though Nikon made it obvious in the press materials that this camera is a capable video machine, the rumored 4K capability never came to fruition.

You can understand, then, why we’ll suggest you take this next rumor with a grain of salt. Nothing like getting our hopes up only to have them dashed.

According to Canon Watch, a tipster has told them that the Canon 5D Mark IV, which is rumored to arrive in early 2015, will sport 4K video capabilities. To be fair, it seems more likely that Canon will implement the feature than Nikon (given their history as a leader in DSLR video) but we’re still trying not to get our hopes up.

The rumored announcement is still a ways away, so keep checking back in the interim and we’ll be sure to update you as rumor sites reveal more of the camera’s potential specs.

(via Canon Watch)

Image credits: EOS 5D Mark III Body by Norio NAKAYAMA

  • Bimo Pradana


  • David Liang

    That would be really interesting for people wanting a great camera and getting into 4K. But I’m not sure if Canon want’s to risk their C100 and C300 sales by making the mk4 a more capable video camera with the 4k feature. I would think they’d put that in their C camera’s first then trickle down to the DSLRs.

  • Mojo

    Forget taking video. I want to know how well the camera performs it’s primary function – taking photograps.

  • Darkness

    Thank you for this insightful and well researched post.
    Regards, Canon Marketing department.

  • Marc Jones

    Canon’s been the mainstay for video DSLRs since the 5dmkii, however, their lack of innovation and outdated sensor technology has been driving many users away. Panasonic and Sony are very well poised to crush Canon’s video DSLR market. I think Canon’s got very little choice here but to embrace 4k, which can be huge for them.

  • jon

    And that’s why Canon is currently failing. Why buy a 5D4 w/o 4K when you can get a GH4 and a Speedbooster? They’re afraid of cannibalizing their own lineup, but they need to be worried about Sony and BlackMagic and Aja and Panasonic taking all of their video business in the future. I prefer Canon glass, though. And I prefer Canon sensors. But there is no reason we can’t have a nice 1080p camera with a global shutter and a full-pixel readout. Or better yet, 4k, a global shutter, full pixel readout, and the ergonomics and battery life of one of their C camcorders. They could win if they were wiling to push the envelope.

  • Woody ONeal

    Canon’s problem with the C100 and C300 is that they think that their competition is the Red, etc.

    When in reality, innovation is moving too rapidly to clearly identify what the threats are. Thus, Canon / Nikon desperately need to rethink their strategies rather than continuing the broken philosophy of planned obsolescence and puposely limiting features and benefits.

  • Patrick Schmitz

    Spring 2015 is still too far away. We’ll just have to wait until we get an official announcement from Canon to know this for sure. But it sure sounds interesting.

  • Robertmanningjr

    Anyone who has actually used Sony’s video functions knows they represent no threat. Their video is not anywhere near Nikon, Canon or Panasonic. The question for a buyer will always remain: am I a filmmaker or photographer? And if I’m both, what is my best option? If you’re both, go with Canon and if you’re a filmmaker on a budget, go with Panasonic. Magic Lantern has made Canon a no-brainier for the dual user.

  • SeoulFood

    So you want a Canon version of the Nikon Df?

  • Kristian H. Nielsen

    To be fair, Sony is a pretty big player when it comes to professional video gear. I really like the Sony broadcast equipment, so it has always annoyed me that the DSLR people and the broadcast people at Sony haven’t figured out to stick their heads together and make a kick-ass prosumer camera.

  • gochugogi

    I’ve yet to use the HD video feature on my 5D MKII but I’m sure 4K will sell a lot of cameras.

  • BDWT

    You’re right on the money. Price wise- yeah okay they’re competing with Red, but in regards to workflow or image quality -hahahahah, no.

    Don’t get me wrong, for ease of use, yeah I enjoy shooting with a C camera but at those prices I’d never buy one. Having used them all, IF I was to buy one, I’d rather buy a used Red One or Scarlet package. You hearing me, Canon?

  • Andrew Young

    ….and then maybe we’ll finally get 1080p @ 60fps afterwards?

  • Stanley Law

    GH4 & Canon 5D Mark III.

    I actually have both.

    We use the GH4 + 4K video + all the other important features like focus peaking and audio recording that doesn’t suck in a smaller form factor. Canon had a chance here with EOS M, but they let it slip through their fingers.

    We still use the 5D Mark III, but they’re only useful for photos for Weddings and Fashion photography. Video is 100% GH4s now.

    For $3,299, I can get a GH4 w/ the output box that gives me Gen Lock, HD-SDI, and XLR. Canon’s 5D Mark IV won’t even be able to offer that at price point. If they had an output box, it’d be another $1,600-2,000 on top of the $3,599 price point I see the 5D IV being released at.

    Price + Features + Total Value, Panasonic has been winning in the video/cinema field for over a decade.

  • Lord Minty

    Yawn. Too little, too late.
    Just FUD to keep the Canon fans waiting until next year.

  • Oj0

    He said take photographs, not look like a techno – hipster.

  • slyman

    they’re going to do it just because if they didn’t, everyone would be like “this camera is 3600 dollars and doesn’t even have 4k?! what a joke”…

  • Fullstop

    Are you saying that the Sony A7s won’t be any good for video? Why?

  • Diko Jelev

    Come one. Does anyone expect that Canon 5D mark IV would be missing this major feature?

  • Polisonico

    If you want 60fps at 1080p, get any cellphone!

    Canon’s response “pffffff 60fps?!?!?! who needs that many frames!?!?!? no way!!!”

  • Robertmanningjr

    I haven’t used the A7s so I can’t comment, but every other Sony DSLR/MIRRORLESS cameras have soft video, horrible moire, and even worse product support. Their camera functions are great but the video is really sub par. Maybe they’ll redeem themselves with the A7s.

    People keep leaving comments about video features they want. If you want video, buy a video camera!

  • lexplex

    How is Canon currently failing, exactly? It has the majority market share in all interchangeable lens cameras, and that share is actually growing…

  • lexplex

    EOS 1DC?

  • Paul Bartok

    I think he means there model for higher end Video i.e. 4K doesn’t work because they dug them selves into a corner, with the c100 + c300, why pay $15K + when you can pay $3K for one

  • Pablo

    I still donĀ“t get why is so important 4K, when the whole world is watching videos in tiny screens that will never show those fine details captured at 4K.

  • Full Circle Pro

    Dear camera builders…we have enough pixels, please put all future efforts into latitude.

  • Terry Beeman

    I’d rather have RAW HD

  • Fullstop

    I understand your point, but the problem is that these HDSLR cameras just produce better quality video imagery than their camcorder brothers for a very affordable price. Sure you could get a C100 or the like but it’s much larger and more expensive.

  • Slaven Blagsic

    Because of post production, reframing and manipulation with shots. From one shot you can make 2 or 3 shots. Less work, better productivity.

  • Robertmanningjr

    Good point.

  • Cali GdeP

    If my galaxy S5 can shoot 4K what are the DSLR manufacturers waiitng. For the gopro to go 4k ?


    So your needs define what I want as a primary function?