Cosplay Pug Portraits Put an Adorable Spin on Game of Thrones


It’s Friday. And after some potentially unfortunate news, it might do to share something that will help you start the weekend off on a better note. So, without further ado, we present you with a collection of photos that put a cute, SFW spin on HBO’s blockbuster show Game of Thrones.

Photographers and pug owners Phillip and Sue Lauer recently dressed up their three dogs up in a Game of Thrones wardrobe most cosplayers would be jealous of and started snapping away.

After BlinkBox came across the still photography of the pups, though, they inquired about making a mini-movie along the same lines. The Lauers happily agreed, which is how Roxy, Blue and Bono became mini-movie stars in their very own Game of Thrones counterpart: The Pugs of Westeros.

Why they didn’t use Game of Bones, we will never know. But we do know these three pugs make for some adorable (and maybe much-needed) eye-bleach on a Friday afternoon. Enjoy!










(via BlinkBox)

Image credits: The Pugs of Westeros via blinkbox Movies used in accordance with Creative Commons licensing.

  • Catie

    They probably didn’t use “Game of Bones” because it sounds like a spoofy porn title.

  • Vlad Dusil


  • jaroos

    Accidentally hit the Chromecast button on the viewer instead of full screen. Game of Thrones pugs takes over the television while the father-in-law is watching a movie. Epic reaction :)

  • ReinoldFZ .

    I don’t know why did I click the article…

  • TongBlack

    Yep, I hate Pug Joffrey just as much as real Joffrey

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  • 23467

    die already….

  • Paolo Bubu

    “Game of Bones” actually exists :P