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Behind the Scenes: Annie Leibovitz’ Game of Thrones Photo Shoot for Vanity Fair

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It’s always a pleasure to watch a living legend work, and the above BTS video of Annie Leibovitz photographing the Game of Thrones cast for Vanity Fair certainly qualifies.

Unfortunately, there’s not much in way of BTS info. We don’t know what lights she was using, how the shoot came together, or even how she interacted with her subjects because this is a video made to appeal to the readers of Vanity Fair and not our nerdy photography brains.

As such you should take this as more of a source of inspiration than knowledge. Watch a master at work and gather some insight into how a massive commercial shoot like this works. You can always take something away from watching someone like Leibovitz ply her craft, even if it’s just a glimpse at a level of success you hope to achieve someday.

Here’s a look at the final shot as it appeared on the magazine’s cover:


And if you ABSOLUTELY need to nerd out about gear, feel free to drop some insights in the comments. If we all put our heads together, we can probably break down every piece of gear she used on this shoot.

(via SLR Lounge)

1 Comment