Short Documentary Tells the Story of the Last Rolls of E6 Film Developed by Orms

Earlier this year, renowned Cape Town photography store Orms developed their last roll of slide film through the E6 process. To bring the era of a legendary process to a proper close, Hero AV brought together a short documentary depicting three photographers who were asked to shoot the last of the slide film that would be developed at the lab.

Kent Andreasen, Koos van der Lende and Robert Martin were the photographers chosen to capture the last images. Each bringing their own distinct styles to the table, the three photographers went to work capturing the limited exposures they were given.


Throughout the video, the three photographers show off what it is they’ve shot, explain what it is about slide film in particular that drew them to its aesthetic, and talk about why they shoot the way they do and the impact film has had on their photographic careers.

At just shy of six minutes, it’s a short watch, but extremely inspirational — especially for the film shooters out there who are feeling particularly nostalgic today.

(via Orms Connect)

  • Oj0

    My local go-to camera store made it onto PetaPixel? Well I’ll be damned. Allow me to punt them for a moment, they have the most knowledgeable staff I’ve come across. They can talk based on experience about almost every item in store, and unlike many places they’ll downsell if they believe a cheaper product will better suite your needs. I prefer going to Orms even if it costs a bit more than ordering online.

  • David Liang

    Sad about Kodak discontinuing their making of the e-6 chems, slide film probably has 2-3 years left before Fuji cuts the line. If anyone is interested in home development there’s a few companies to make home kits.

  • theunis stofberg

    They disappointed quite a few of the Cape Town based photographers, myself included with this move. I still use E6 for my large format photography but have to now courier my work to another lab in Johannesburg. They are a good store but I was dissapointed to find out they stopped their E6 lab (and it has to be said they weren’t that great. Too many scratches on my slides frankly) but in the long run it has actually worked out better for me as they other lab does give me very good service and I dont get as many scratches on my slides. And no, the home kits dont work for me. i have my own darkroom but the vagaries of E6 developing has just proven to be too problematic and time consuming for me.

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  • Geovanny Dimitri De Leon

    My store still provide E-6 service. We get a large amount of orders and we don’t plan on quitting any time soon. Our cost is very reasonable and even accept out of state orders threw mail.

  • Ashraf Hendricks

    Super weird (and awesome) seeing my local film lab on Peta Pixel!

    I’ve been using this lab for over 10 years and its heart breaking how the cabinets holding film have becoming smaller and smaller. Supply and demand I guess. A true horror story would be the end of Hp5 and C41 as well, which leaves us only with VSCO and similar digital presets. I’m actually feeling sad just thinking about that.

  • Oj0

    I’m posting this message from Orms, Bellville :P