Rumor: Reliable Source Says the 7D Mark II Will Feature Completely New Sensor Tech


A reliable source earlier today told Canon Rumors to expect some new sensor technology when Canon finally reveals its followup to the 5-year-old 7D. The source didn’t share many details, but this is supposedly “more than an ‘evolutionary’ technology” — something new that will appear in all Canon DSLRs from this point on but is not the Foveon-like tech spotted in some patents.

With the 7D Mark II supposedly being put through its paces at the World Cup, more details about the tech in the forthcoming APS-C flagship are bound to turn up, so keep checking back and go browse our previous coverage to hold you over in the meantime.

  • mlianopr

    This is getting ridiculous with this camera!, waiting for the Mark II, i already stop waiting on it, and get a 6D… don’t get me wrong, it’s a good cam. (7D) but after 3 years on the market i wasn’t going to buy it… when thats the spec it life cycle.

  • Disqus is an NSA shill

    4K video?

  • Mark Zee

    Nikon will have some serious competition.

  • Mike

    I know, it’s a Sony sensor.

  • Tyler McCool

    Enough conjecture.. get on with it Canon

  • Matt

    Nice, I hope it is a big jump. The basic design is long over due for fresh thinking.

  • Puggs

    Isn’t Canon using the APS-S sensor at 1.6x crop not the APS-C at 1.5x crop or is that the so called new sensor all Canons will now be APS-C

  • Charlie

    APC is 1.6x

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Never heard of APS-S since pretty much every site I’ve seen out there refers to Canon’s 1.6x crop as “APS-C” also.

  • YRaj

    So Canon is wise enough to keep on providing an APSC camera with this feature set, while Nikon still has nothing to compete with the 7D(same price range, FPS, large buffer) except for the D700 and D4, which are both in another class and price point. Still no D400. When this 7D Mark II comes out and sells like hotcakes, maybe Nikon will understand that the APSC with professional features is till a profitable line that is in demand.

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  • james

    I have no idea what you just said.

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  • Mike

    Just give me better DR and lower noise at base ISO.

  • Patrick Griffin Santucci


  • PazinBoise

    I think what he meant to say was that the wait for the Mark II was too long and that sometime around 2012 he was in the market to buy a 7D(or something comparable to it) however by that time the 7D had already been out 3 years and he neither felt compelled to wait for a replacement or buy a camera 3 years into its lifecycle. So he got a 6D.

  • PazinBoise

    They’d better do more than that otherwise they’ll have to listen to everyone complain about them not innovating enough.

  • Jeremiah True

    I have really enjoyed my 7D but these are my two main complaints also.

  • mlianopr

    Exactly! Thanks…!

  • mlianopr


  • Pavel Kounine

    LOL! Just? Those are exactly the things they’ll need the new tech for.

  • JP

    Wow you should go pro with broken english translations

  • JP


    All Canon can does these days is put out rumors to hype up it’s dwindling base of fanboys. Meanwhile Panasonic, Sony, and Blackmagic are coming out with amazing cameras that address many of the problems with shooting on cheap, small cameras and taking customers away from Canon. They better pump out some greatness quick if they want to maintain any relevancy in the low-budget video market

  • JP

    And focus peaking, and zebras, and decent sound input/monitoring, and a decent codec to shoot to. Canon is falling behind fast…