Amazon’s ‘Fire Phone’ Comes with a 13MP Camera and Unlimited Cloud Photo Storage

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Today, Amazon showed us that where there’s smoke, there’s most definitely Fire. After years of rumors that Amazon was working on a phone, CEO Jeff Bezos officially unveiled Amazon’s first attempt at a smartphone at today’s event.

It’s called the Amazon Fire Phone and it comes to market with a few interesting, photo-centric features that go beyond the standard camera specs.


First, the hardware. The Fire Phone features a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera complete with a five-element f/2.0 lens and optical image stabilization. Capable of 1080p video at 30fps, panoramas, “intelligent” HDR and burst mode, the camera stacks up comparatively with smartphone competitors.

The phone also sports a 2.1-megapixel front-facing camera. More than enough resolution to ensure your selfies are suitable for Instagram and Snapchat.

One of the more interesting hardware components Amazon decided to add to the Fire is the inclusion of a dedicated camera button. Eliminating the need to fumble around with swipes and taps, the smartphone features a dedicated button below the volume rocker that launches the camera instantaneously — even when the display is off.


Now onto the platform. Operating on Fire OS 3.5, a forked version of Android, the Fire phone takes advantage of a few interesting announcements that Amazon made alongside the phone.

The still-impressive but less exciting aspect is the Fire phone’s automatic backup of your photos and video to their Amazon Cloud Drive. Through this, you will be able to access your media almost instantly across any other Amazon devices or Amazon Cloud Drive apps.

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The also-impressive more exciting part is the announcement that all Fire users will get free, unlimited cloud storage for their full-resolution photos and video through Amazon Cloud Drive. Is it really free? It sure seems to be.

In the Unlimited Photo Storage section of Amazon’s FAQ about the Fire Phone there is no mention of having to have an Amazon Prime account, although the company is giving away free one-year memberships to a limited number of buyers.

We’ll have to wait and see if more info comes to light, but those who want to ditch their current smartphone company in favor of Amazon may never have to delete a smartphone photo again.

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While nothing revolutionary by any means, Amazon’s first endeavor into the smartphone market does manage to grab some appeal for those looking to try out a new manufacturer without skimping on camera capabilities.

To find out more of secure yourself a pre-order of the Amazon Fire Phone, head on over to the smartphone’s product page. The Fire Phone starts at $200 on a two-year contract.

  • superduckz

    I’m an “amazon guy” so this has a lot of appeal to me. Hate to be an especially early adopter but Amazon generally sorts out it’s electronics fairly well. hmm…

  • mlianopr

    HHmmm,,, i’m waiting for iP6, but this seems interesting… will, see…!

  • Mojo

    Isn’t it technically the IPhone 9? I thought it went 1, 2, 3, 3G, 4, 4S, 5, 5S…”6″ would actually be the 9th iteration.

  • mlianopr


  • Keith D

    Well if you wanna get technical, there is/was only the iPhone, then the 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5c, then last is the 5S

  • Wade Marks

    Basically it’s a phone designed around getting you to buy more stuff from Amazon…that’s OK if that’s your thing…but I don’t need my phone to be a constant advertisement.

    Also, Joshua Topolsky is Editor in Chief of the Verge, and he says “Fire Phone UI is a mess.”

  • Logan S.

    4.7″ HD LCD display, with 1280 x 720 resolution at 315 ppi…
    I mean, good? But, doesn’t seem to keep up or out do anyone today.

  • Renato Murakami

    Has some interesting camera tech and top specs but ultimately it’s a walled garden inside a walled garden, which is the reason noone should be getting one of those.
    It’s an Amazon exclusive layer on top Android. Which means it’s Android with fewer apps, ties with all things Amazon, which will be always outdated in comparison with the regular Android no matter how much Amazon works with it.
    Oh yeah, and the headliner for the phone (in case you didn’t see, headtracking with 3D effects) is a gimmick.

  • timothyhood

    Two major flaws in the article title alone. First, megapixels does not equal quality. Anyone who has even the slightest notion of digital photography has learned that one years ago. While the Fire camera may produce quality images, until real people test it side-by-side in the real world, we won’t know how they compare to the competition’s photos.

    Which brings me to the image purporting to compare images from three major phones. You’ve done a disservice not telling your readers that the image is faked. This image was created to show what the relative quality of each phone’ sim ages might be in comparison. But those images weren’t taken from the phones.

    The other problem with the title is this mention of “unlimited” cloud storage. How exactly is cloud storage that only stores your images unlimited? I don’t have 5GB of pictures on my phone, so it really doesn’t matter if I had 2TB of cloud storage for photos. I’d rather have the flexibility of having important phone data synced to the cloud.

  • Lorenzo

    Can I read books with it?

  • docholliday666

    Hardware camera button is a feature? Wow…weak. My Nokia’s have always had a dedicated hardware camera button. Even the new Windows Lumia’s have a hardware camera button…yeah, ok, Amazon.

  • Gvido Mūrnieks

    A new smartphone with camera.
    Cool story bro!

  • Brendan Stewart

    Seems to only be AT&T. :(

  • Don Tusk

    Meh, no Apple logo.

  • Ryan Dunne

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  • superduckz

    Or looked at the other way it’s and Android phone that will prove highly reliable.

  • superduckz

    They should get KanyeKardashian to take some pics with it then everyone will think it’s fantastic and not shut up about it.

  • Pickle

    This is DOA. $600 branded phone running an Amazadroid with an AT&T contract? Please. I think it’s too late in the mobile OS game to come out with a new OS. Kindle Fire may get away with it because most people buy a Kindle as an e-reader or a browser more so than to run apps, but with a phone, people want access to their apps and google’s maps, updates, and inventions. Amazon can never keep up with Google’s android.

    Why the hell would anybody buy this mediocre camera with a contract for $600 when they get get a no contract Nexus 5 for $350 that does far more?

  • Pickle

    you can do that with any free feature phone.

  • venusfactor

    i like the camera button thats a great feature

  • Heath Collins

    And no Play store; so if you own any purchased apps, kiss them goodbye if you switch.

  • NickGHK

    But then all your photos will need 4 days of retouching to get them right …

  • Genkakuzai

    Think I’ll wait until we see some real benchmarks of this phone in general. Does look promising in some ways though.

  • Genkakuzai

    My Sony Ericsson K800i had a dedicated hardware camera button, hell even the Sony Ericsson I had prior to that one did.

  • Korios

    You mean that you have to be an Amazon fanboy to purchase this outrageously priced phone with mostly obsolete tech. You are right.

  • Sam

    This is a fork of android so you should be able to run all android apps on it without a problem.

  • docholliday666

    Exactly! My N8, E71, etc all did!