Amazon Prime Members Now Get Unlimited Photo Storage at No Additional Cost


Amazon Prime has long been a go-to service for streamers and shoppers alike. But today, the service has become a great deal more enticing to photographers with the announcement of Amazon Prime Photos: a cloud-based service that will allow you to store unlimited photographs on Amazon’s massive cloud platform without having to pay a cent on top of your regular Prime membership.

The new service — which is available for Android, iOS, Windows and through the browser — will allow you to sync and access your full-res photo archive from anywhere in the world.


The only major downside of the service is that as of now, there’s no means of organizing your photographs manually, as everything is sorted by date.

That issue aside, if you’re already an Amazon Prime user or were looking to grab yourself a subscription, Prime Photos is a huge development that means you have one more unlimited backup at your disposal in case your other fail-safes… well… fail.

If you’d like to sign up for a subscription or find out more about the Amazon Photo Prime service, click here.