Tutorial: How to Properly Pose Subjects in Every Circumstance

As much as composition, proper exposure, and location can affect how good your subjects look in a photo, posing plays a very crucial and often overlooked role — well, overlooked until you realize that all of your portraits look awkward and unnatural.

Fortunately, there are resources out there to help. And so if you’re one of those photographers for whom posing individuals and groups doesn’t come naturally, this fantastic seminar put together by B&H should help a great deal.

The video is a full course that was put on by world renown wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis. A master of posing, he shares his techniques using live demonstrations, covering just about every pose imaginable… which might sound like a hyperbole but it really isn’t.


The best part of this presentation is that he manages to cover bases that are often overlooked and cause photographers the most problems: dealing with odd height couples, how to pose plus size brides, and working with couples who aren’t fans of being posed.

The video comes in at a whopping two hours and fifteen minutes, but we wouldn’t suggest passing it over; the information packed into the presentation is not only free, it’s as thorough as you could hope for. So even if you can’t watch it right now, give it a prominent place in your archive and give it a watch as soon as you get a chance.

(h/t Reddit)

  • Kurt Langer

    2:13 minutes of vid to watch will not create many comments here.

  • Chito

    I just wanted to see a bit of it and ended up watching 1/2 an hour of it.. I’m only stopping because it’s very late here, it is definitely very very interesting

  • Ryan Richardson

    Got to an hour here and had to stop for the same reason. Very practical tips with posing theory explained. I plan to finish the rest before my next gig

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  • Molly Drummond

    worth watching the entire video

  • Skot Lindstedt

    I’m not new when it comes to shooting portraiture but this video taught me some things for sure. Invest the time and I promise you will learn something. Very good tutorial!