Google Unveils New and Improved Analog Efex Pro II, a Step Forward Into the Past


Today, Google has officially announced Analog Efex Pro II, the latest update to its Nik Collection line-up. Striving to “pay homage to the classical, vintage, and alternative processing techniques that photographers used so many years ago,” this update includes a plethora of new features and fixes, further refining the program and taking it to the next level.

If you’ve used any Nik Software before, you’ll realize the interface has gone almost completely untouched. Instead, what’s been added are new control points, additional camera types and presets, as well as more creative ways to present your images.

Specifically, a multilens feature that makes use of diptychs and triptychs, as well as double-exposures that give your images a unique styling with minimal effort.


After spending some time with the program, it seems as though Analog Efex Pro II is a great deal speedier than its predecessor. Not only is speed improved though, it offers a much more diverse array of filter options and far more precision in terms of nailing the toning of an image, adding grain, etc.

Overall, it’s a rather impressive improvement and while I was admittedly skeptical at first, it’s most certainly worthy of calling itself 2.0 (technically “II” or “v2″ but you get the point). Here are a few videos that show the software in action:

For more info, head on over to the official Analog Efex Pro II announcement on Google+, download a trial of the Nix Collection, or purchase the program for $150. The trial version will automatically be upgraded to the full version for people who already own the collection.

  • Mike


  • superduckz

    Yep… Yep… :P

  • Mike

    So I can butcher photos from my expensive DSLR in the same manner as Instagram on my phone? Sweet, just need to find a cat now…

  • Barry McKenzie

    I wish they would cancel this automatic downloading. I spend most of my internet time hooked to an iPhone due to being on the road a lot. It is a real pain to lose a months download data in 20 minutes. It would be nice to have a pop up or something saying there is a download available

  • TrixieinDixie

    Or you could change your phone’s settings to not download updates automatically at all, or only when you are on WiFi, or connected to a charger, etc.

  • Barry McKenzie

    I’m not sure how downloading computer updates has been mistaken for iphone updates, maybe I didn’t make my self clear.

    I use my iphone data to connect to the internet on my laptop via the hotspot function. This way I can use internet on my computer anywhere there is a phone signal. Turning anything off on the phone will not do anything with regards to my computer (unless there is something I really don’t know about). What happens is the computer thinks takes the phone as a normal wifi and thus downloads anything from it. There are no restrictions to how much or how little data is used and in areas will download at up to 2mb a second. I have a 1gb a month allowance with my iphone which gets sucked up very quickly if it is used for large updates. Pretty much all software asks or gives the option before downloading updates but not with google.

    Thanks for the suggestions tho :-)

  • TrixieinDixie

    I think the examples shown here are not necessarily the best uses of Analog Efex – that is, they took ordinary objects or scenes and put various effects on them that can and do look great for images that make sense for various types of retro or aged looks. For example, I use Analog Efex for images taken in cemeteries or of old towns with old buildings or old houses. Also, not all the effects are as pronounced as the examples, so it’s different from Color Efex, but not necessarily as cheesy as Instagram unless you just want to get that way.

  • TrixieinDixie

    You’re right – I misunderstood what you were saying – you’re using your phone as your hot spot. I had a possible solution, but unfortunately my post was not accepted by moderators, so you will have to search the topic and see if you can find what I did.

  • Shani Cohen

    its amazing software.

  • Barry McKenzie

    hey thanks Trixie :-) will have a look at that. that should be very useful. cheers

  • TrixieinDixie

    Hm, they put it through after all. Interesting. Anyway, hope that works out for ya.