Creative Panasonic GH4 Unboxing Shows Off the Amazing Low-Light Autofocus

If you’re sick of the standard, monotone, boring-to-look-at unboxing videos, this one by Peter Gregg might help you appreciate them again. Combining a borderline theatrical performance with both an unboxing and quick review, it definitely keeps things interesting.

Showing off the “untold” aspects of Panasonic’s latest GH4 camera, he reviews the autofocus (in pure darkness) and runs through his connection with the camera, stating that their affection is growing on each other.

It’s equal parts funny, strange, and unusual, but it’s certainly unlike any unboxing we’ve seen before. Press play and if you’d like to see a more serious 4K video sample from his testing, you can do so over on YouTube.

(via 43 Rumors)

P.S. As an added bonus, here’s another snappy and lighthearted unboxing of this camera by Russell Hasenauer:

  • trusharp

    sweet mother of god! That is pretty impressive

  • Marcio K

    Just a note: the Lumix GX7 have the same low light autofocus capability (down to -4 EV)

  • Dylan Roberts

    First video @ 2:20. F/1.2…? What? Everything is in focus!

  • Zack Deal

    it’s a MFT sensor….it’s smaller so the DOF is larger.

  • Zagros

    That f/1.2 aperture though …

  • wishinghand

    While it’s letting in f/1.2 stops of light, the depth of field is equivalent to f/2.4 at twice the focal length.

    So if it’s a 25mm f/1.2, it’ll look like 50mm f/2.4.

  • Dover

    Now to determine what percentage of my photography will be attempted in pitch darkness…….hmmmm 0% It would have been nice to hear if there were any other redeeming features on the camera.

  • Fernando Callo

    He didn’t say he took the picture at f1.2, he said the lens has f1.2

  • Adam Cross

    I just can’t watch Peter Gregg’s videos D: not that I’m interested in Panasonic anyway…. why a I here!? D: