Pro Golfer Keegan Bradley Takes Down a DJI Phantom and GoPro in Four Swings

We’ve shared just how dangerous it can be to get in the way of a drive down the fairway of a professional golfer before, be it on accident or by request. But today we’re sharing something that’s potentially even more impressive, albeit quite a bit more costly than previous events.

Professional golfer Keegan Bradley got a bit frustrated after missing a putt, caused in part by a DJI Phantom that was hovering over his head during the attempt.

So, in an effort to show the DJI Phantom and attached GoPro Hero3+ who’s boss, Bradley lined up a few shot and started chipping away. On what looks like the fourth shot: he nailed it.


It’s worth noting that, as much as the video description says it was out of frustration, I have a hard time believing that considering he had a smile on his face for a good portion of the video. But for the sake of virality, they may have tried to make the story a bit more interesting than it actually is.

Regardless, it’s another impressive feat from a world-class golfer who just wanted to show off how ridiculously accurate his shot is while simultaneously destroying some camera gear… RIP DJI Phantom.

(via YouTube via Bleacher Report)

  • Kyle Grantham

    Yeah it looks very much like they were shooting a promo of some sort and decided to have some fun while they were at it. Especially given there is apparently no one else on this golf course.

  • Stephen

    Totally staged, but still an impressive shot. And not a bad idea, to boost his name recognition a bit.

  • Eric

    That was dumb from beginning to end, but at least tell us how it took the hit.

  • Daz

    what was the point of this ? and i am sure i can hit the drone after many attempts and just show the last 4 .

  • Armin Grewe

    Blatant attempt of a viral video for that investment company. And you fell for it. Obviously staged and posted with a made up description.

  • Hadi Nov

    A bunch of middle-aged guys* at Putnam Investments paid 6 figures to a couple of kids at a “social media agency” to “come up with a video that gets lots of views on that YouTube thing you young folk are always watching, so we look cool, even if it’s fake”. And you fell for it. Yeah, I think PetaPixel is coming off my newsfeed list now.

    * 10 years ago Putnam was a customer of mine and a couple of mid-aged-crisis managers asked me to do pointless s*** too

  • troglodyte

    I’m still trying to figure when the description of something happening “by accident” became a description of something happening “on accident”. When did this happen? What important part of our cultural timeline did I miss out on?

  • Richard Ford

    Drone? It’s a quad copter…. get it right.

  • Scott

    As soon as you put a camera on it with a live feed back to the ground, it effectively becomes a drone.

  • H@di Nov


  • Douglas James

    If he had a few more wins, maybe ‘world class’ would apply.

  • John

    Too many edits and cuts. I want the uninterrupted footage of the golfer hitting the ball, the ball flying toward the quadcopter and hitting it, the quadcopter crashing (if it did crash), and the damage done to it. From multiple angles too.

  • 31creative

    Not ‘world class’?!
    The guy has played his way onto the last two national teams (and has a winning record in these international matches), is currently in the top 25 in the World Golf Rankings (and has even been inside the top 10 a couple times), AND has already won a major.

  • gtvone

    Haha.. would you like fries with that?

  • John

    Yes please. But with mustard instead of ketchup. ;)

  • gtvone

    You can have both, both is good! :D

  • dan110024

    Biggest anticlimax ever after that massively long intro. They didn’t even show it being hit.

  • Adam Cross

    of course it’s staged…. how could you think otherwise?

  • Gwevt

    I’m sorry but what happened to proof reading? When did things start happening “on accident”? Things might happen by accident or on purpose but they no more happen “on accident” than people stand “on line”…you can stand in a line but unless there is a line actually painted on the floor you don’t stand on top of it. Sorry but this is a professional writer/reporter and letting it go just perpetuates the problem.

  • Randyland

    Amen, ditto, and what he said.