Walkthrough: How to Create a DIY Studio On a Budget

In a perfect world, we’d all have the studio of our dreams, and it would be filled with all of the best of gear. Unfortunately, we don’t live in such a world, and more often than not we’re constrained by a (sometimes very tight) budget.

Here to help overcome that challenge is Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens, who has put together a video that shows just how easy it can be to build a very viable studio out of fairly cheap materials/products in a spare bedroom.

The video starts by showing you how to set up a backdrop holder using nothing but simple parts from your local hardware store, followed by how to build a homemade softbox using household items.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 12.07.01 PM

Towards the end, Morgan does make sure to note that while the options given in this video will make do, they should by no means be taken as long-term solutions. As your skill and income from photography both increase, he encourages you to invest in proper gear. Not only will this give your operation a more professional appearance, but better equipment means more durable and, above all, safer equipment.

That being said, until that time comes this twenty-minute video will help you set up a usable DIY studio and save a bundle in the process.

(via Picture Connect)

  • Adam Cross

    yeah I can’t imagine that poly box would last long with a hot bulb inside it, someone will be wondering what you’re cooking

  • Scott

    Now only if i could find a large spare bedroom for cheap! :D

  • Bigfoot

    And when your “Flame-box” starts burning, the warm glow from the flames give off a nice flattering light as a bonus>

  • Mark Dub

    This would make for a great CTO highlight for that sunset look :)

  • Chuck Coverly

    Everytime I see Jay P. Morgan I think The Gong Show.

  • Bolkey

    300W in an enclosed cardboard container is a receipe for starting a fire. Don’t try this at home! However, there’d be nothing wrong with hiding a strobe in there.

  • BDWT

    More like, DIY house fire.

  • Rob Elliott

    keep in mind the a CFL is only 60w don’t know why he’d use a old style bulb

  • 8isenough

    More like, “Show your possible clients how to do things themselves for cheap, and even if the resulting images are poor from a professional point of view, they will be vastly superior to what they are used to, thus they will never pay you for photography, because the increase in quality is not worth paying for.”

    Also, fire hazard.

  • Brett

    this guy likes to be on camera using cheap ass equipment?

  • Andrew Kurcan

    I disagree – I’ve actually set up small studios for jewelers and small-parts distributors. They always call back – they either cannot replicate the quality, or do not have the time to deal with the edits.