How to Make a DIY Home Photography Studio on a Budget

Need a home studio for some product photography? COOPH has some great ideas for you. In this inspirational little video, the magazine shows you how to build a DIY photography studio at home using mostly household items.

The video breaks down studios by sizeā€”so whether you’re shooting small, medium sized, or large objects, COOPH has tips for you.


Small objects are, obviously, the easiest to photograph. Using a household lamp, a construction paper backdrop, and maybe some parchment baking paper as a diffuser, you can capture some pretty sleek looking photos of everything from LEGO figurines to that pair of sunglasses you want to sell on eBay.


As the objects increase in size, so do the ingredients. Light, in this case, is provided by a window, the backdrop is a roll of white paper from a stationary store, and some additional fill can be provided by using a DIY reflector made by taping aluminum foil onto a poster board.

If you want to add some more fill, consider diffusing your pop-up flash with a thin piece of white plastic.


The final piece of the video is the most interesting. Using a cheap plastic bucket and some parchment paper, COOPH shows you how to turn a household lamp into a poor man’s softbox. Two of these and a black wall for a backdrop, and you can capture some pretty sleek shots like the image of the bike above.