Real World ‘Photoshopping’ with 3D Make-Up Effects Brings Marge Simpson to Life

Photographer Alexander Khokhlov recently teamed up with make-up artist Veronica Ershova and stylist Mikhail Kravchenko to bring to life an image that looks like a Photoshop job straight out of your nightmares.

Using nothing more than 3D make-up effects, flowers and some clever lighting, the trio managed to turn a model into Marge Simpson. The above video will run you through the process and give you a peek at the entire end result.


If this kind of 3D make-up portraiture seems familiar to you, it’s probably because we’ve featured Mr. Khokhlov’s work on PetaPixel before. You can view his very popular 2D or Not 2D series here, or check out his entire impressive portfolio by visiting his website.

(via Gizmodo)

  • Homer


  • Jeremy Madore

    “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

    That’s a ‘makeover’ I won’t soon forget! :D

  • 342243wdeeeaede

    isnĀ“t that a violation of some copyright, trademark.. whatever.. im sure it is. everything is today…..

  • Stephen

    It is all kinds of weird that you’re describing makeup, which has literally been around for centuries and involved prosthetics since at least the 1970s, as “real world Photoshopping.”

    Do you also refer to typewriters as “real world Microsoft Word generators”? For that matter, is my camera an “old school Instagram device”?

  • Mike

    You’ll be hearing from my lawyer.

  • Sanders

    Yeah, I was waiting to see what Photoshop had to do with the shoot.

    Aaaaand, absolutely nothing.

  • Sean Walsh

    I said this last week. This is plagiarism. ‘THIEF’ I CALL YOU!

  • upperkace

    “real world photoshopping” jeeeeeesus christ

  • Vin Weathermon

    could have just titled this piece “Freakish Marge Simpson Shoot”

  • Glenn F

    god this is appalling, nothing to do with photoshop or 3D plus its just terrible.. 3D makeup effects,? Its real world… 4D would be more impressive, is there such a known thing..? Ups for doing it, downs for posting it……

  • Homer’s left nut

    “3D make-up effects”? You mean “a wig and make-up”, right?? Lets not make it out to be anything more than face painting!