Pricing and Availability Info for Samsung’s NX30 and Galaxy Camera 2 Revealed


When the Samsung NX30 and Galaxy Camera 2 rang in the New Year as some of the first major announcements of 2014, Samsung declined to reveal detailed pricing or availability info for either shooter. Today, that changes, and one of the cameras is already ready to ship.

As of today, the Samsung NX30 — a camera we said could be described best by the words ‘speed’ and ‘connectivity’ — is ready to ship as a kit with an 18-55mm lens at an MSRP of $1,000. We won’t make comment on the price, but others are saying that it’s a bit high given the other options in the mirrorless genre.

Galaxy Camera 2 B 2

The Galaxy Camera 2, on the other hand, won’t be shipping until next month. But when it does arrive, the much improved second iteration of Samsung’s Android-powered compact will cost you $450.

To learn more about or order either camera (in the case of the Galaxy Camera 2 that’s obviously a pre-order) head over to B&H Photo by clicking here for the NX30 and here for the Galaxy Cam 2.

  • Brian

    $999 with kit lens probably means $899 body only. Not bad 2 months ago, but now…less impressive. The Fuji XT1 was a couple hundred more but had potentially better AF and definitely better lenses, so you are helped by costing less. But the A6000 became the elephant in the room with a super AF and lower price tag.

    Samsung prices do tend to drop a bit in a few months so that will help.

  • lord eels

    just another enthusiast APS-C mirrorless… all are so boring…. and lol at shaving another 0.02 seconds of AF time in bright light on wide lenses. big whoop. until mirrorless AF like DSLRs in low light, who cares?

  • Seanny

    The hundreds of thousands of people that buy them?

    It’s an emerging market. It’s not going to be soon but it will take over the DSLR sells. Right now my local WalMart (probably where most people who just want a fancy camera and don’t research get theirs) has more mirrorless than DSLRs.

  • lord eels

    that is a small number and it’s getting smaller every year. the enthusiast mirrorless segment is dying because it is pointless. a “serious” shooter needs a DSLR like a d7100.

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    i would NEVER buy a Samsung Camera….for any reason..if i was given one i would sell it..thank you

  • Dave G

    Why? (I’ve never used one myself)

  • wulanbas

    Samsung, hem, I will try to buy a Samsung Camera