50mm Tele Conversion Lens for the Fujifilm X100/S Spotted at CP+


CP+ is throwing quite a bit of gear news our way, and one find that caught our eye has to do with the immensely popular Fujifilm X100s and its older sibling the X100. According to Patrick over at Fuji Rumors, X100/s users will soon be able to extend their fixed lens’ reach to 50mm (35mm equivalent).

The converter, which apparently turns the 35mm equivalent lens on the Fuji into a 50mm equivalent, was first spotted by Fuji X photographer Gianluca Colla, who sent the above picture to Fuji Rumors (who, subsequently, was kind enough to let us share it with you).

Soon after, the discovery was substantiated when Fujifilm UK posted the photo below to Twitter:

You’ll have to look long and hard to find a professional who has a bad thing to say about the X100s; and what’s more, all the pros singing this camera’s praises (eg. David Hobby) are phenomenal photographers with sparkling reputations. You can’t help but come to the conclusion that this camera really is the bee’s knees.

And now that you can go both farther and wider depending on your needs — the WCL-X100 converter can already turn the 35mm equivalent lens on the X100/s into a wider 28mm equivalent — this already popular camera is becoming quite versatile.

(via Fuji Rumors)

Image credits: Header photo by Gianluca Colla, courtesy of Fuji Rumors. Body photo by Fujifilm UK via Twitter

  • Tyson Williams


  • Rick Estrada

    Very cool!

  • Cloke

    This camera is nice and I like its compactness… but if you’re going to be carrying around multiple conversion lenses wouldn’t it be more practical to just get an XE-2 or something along those lines?

  • ianmcc


  • MickO

    Stop making sense! :-)

  • Dewayne Christensen

    “Younger” sibling?

  • roden

    Depends what practicality means for each person. x100/s will still be lighter, have a hybrid viewfinder, built-in ND filter, leaf shutter & higher flash sync speed

  • MD

    If you’re planning on toting around your conversion lenses at all times? Sure.

    But the intended user of the X100 is not necessarily a person for whom the capabilities of a system camera are indispensable. The X100(s) is an amazingly usable camera, in some ways even superior to the XE-2. For (presumably about) half the price of a single X-system lens, you can throw one of these converters on and enhance its utility even further on the odd day you might need it… all without spending an extra $1000 to buy into a system you don’t need.

  • Elliot Grand

    agreed MD–one of the few limitations for me of the 23mm is taking portraits–the 35mm will be very useful for this

  • Broseph of Arimathea

    David Hobby: Phenomenal Photographer.


  • EP

    unless you can take better pix with the Chinese made flashes in cornflake boxes and have the whole generation following you… then you might be entitled to criticize David

  • Broseph of Arimathea

    ‘Everyone is phenomenal at everything unless you are better’.

    That’s some shaky logic, son.

  • MD

    My thought exactly. A 50mm (equiv) has always been my favorite walk around lens. The glass on the X100 is a wonderful “jack of all trades” focal length, but I find myself in *just* enough situations where it’s insufficient that this TCL should round out its capabilities perfectly (and save me a grand and a half).

  • Generalissimo Pantalones

    If you want a preview of what this’ll be like: grab a cheap fantastic plastic Canon 50mm F/1.8, whack it on your 5D, wind it down to f/5.8, back off the sharpness to -2, grab focus and hold, then lean back a couple of inches and snap.


  • Peng Tuck Kwok

    I suppose this means the OVF is not really usable if it is on the lens.

  • Richard Ford

    Everyone has the right to an opinion. Only arrogant elitists believe that you need some qualifications in order to have an opinion.

  • Jason Ennis

    I can’t see Fuji releasing a bad product 3 years down the line. There’s probably a lot of R&D gone into this.

  • PhotoWalker

    I think there are two different things here: a) I agree everybody has the right to an opinion b) Looking for the “quality” and strength of different opinions you can find that coming from the same right … one can be a lot “better” that the other … because of the “qualifications” (i.e. knowledge about a matter…). So everybody can talk but … will you trust and follow all opinions for equal? I donĀ“t think so… Spain.

  • Ian Docherty

    That certainly wasn’t the case with the 28mm conversion lens and I see no reason why Fuji would make it so with this. Try reading reviews of the 28mm and then you might (although probably not) change your mind.

  • flightofbooks

    Wait, you mean Ken Rockwell’s not a phenomenal photographer?? Aww, and I was so close to subscribing to his webzone.

  • flightofbooks

    good catch. looks like you’re right.