50mm Tele Conversion Lens for the Fujifilm X100/S Spotted at CP+

CP+ is throwing quite a bit of gear news our way, and one find that caught our eye has to do with the immensely popular Fujifilm X100s and its older sibling the X100. According to Patrick over at Fuji Rumors, X100/s users will soon be able to extend their fixed lens' reach to 50mm (35mm equivalent).

Fuji Discontinues X100, Possibly Bringing X200 Follow Up to Photokina

Now that July is just about over with, only one month and a few weeks separate us from the start of Photokina on September 18th. And as the wait becomes progressively shorter, speculation about who may be announcing what is gradually ramping up. The most recent batch of speculation has to do with Fuji and the fact that the X100 is now showing up as discontinued on Crutchfield, as well as $200 off at both Amazon and B&H.