Adorama Momentarily Lists the Nikon D4s, Sensor Specs Not in Line with Rumors


Well, February 11th came and went without so much as a peep about the D4s. It seems that invitation for a special Nikon event didn’t have to do with the new flagship after all.

But have no fear, because earlier today, Adorama accidentally (or at least it seemed accidental) listed the yet-unannounced camera alongside some new specs that, at least according to the well-informed folks at Nikon Rumors, seem wrong…

Check out the listing below:


As you can see, Adorama lists the D4s as a 24MP full-frame camera with 11fps continuous shooting capability and a 51-point AF system. The problem here is that all of the information received by NR thus far points to the D4s keeping the same 16 megapixel sensor as its predecessor.

This was all but confirmed by Nikon when the company itself said that improved image quality for the D4s would come from “a new image-processing engine” and made no mention of a fresh sensor.

So, as far as NR is concerned, Adorama made a boo boo, and we don’t just mean accidentally leaking this product page. If rumor sources are correct, the page they leaked was wrong to begin with.

For more info on what the rumor mill expects from the D4s (taken, we suggest, with a generous helping of salt), check out our previous coverage here. And, as always, feel free to drop some speculation in the comments down below.

(via Nikon Rumors)

Image credits: Photograph sent to Nikon Rumors by someone at the Nikon field office at the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

  • lord eels


  • harumph

    It’d be funny if it ends up being the D600/D610 sensor.

  • beautox

    Save the money to buy a replacement CAPS LOCK key

  • BrokenHelix79


  • Kallme Krazy

    WAT? You mean an affiliate-driven site that deals in rumors to the point where IT IS ACTUALLY A RUMOR SITE LITERALLY IN NAME was wrong about something?

    Quelle surprise.

  • Zos Xavius


  • koolguy

    But for 11 fps, it’s kinda cool.

  • Gav

    Its is all a bit under whelming really….Considering what is in the pipeline from Canon and Sony for this year I hope there is another camera up their sleeve for later in the year?!?

  • faloc

    well go for 1D-X instead :P

  • sean lancaster

    The D600/610 sensor by Sony is an incredible sensor and only secondary to the D800/E sensors. But add the exceptional processing power of the D4S and you have the best action camera in the world.

  • harumph

    I agree. I own a D600 and I love it. I meant it would be funny to watch people like lord eels blow a gasket because their precious pro camera has been upgraded with a sensor from the lowly entry level D600.

  • RandomDesign

    They believed Ken Rockwell? lolz

  • Andy

    Dear Peta Pixel:

    I am a regular reader of this site so please take this the right way. There has to be something else to report on than a typo on Amazon.

    I mean the Olympics are on. Getty, AP, Canon, Nikon and other big players are going flat out at the moment to bring back stellar imagery from atop mountains and THIS is what runs?

    Yours in all friendliness.

  • kljhlkdfkjhf

    But it wouldn’t ever, ever, ever be the same ADC. That’s where a lot of the magic happens.

  • Brad Trent

    The constant barrage of latest-and-greatest new releases are seriously wearing me down. I mean, I have a lot of extremely spendy digital gear…all of which was promised (by the skeevy product reps) to be the be-all and end-all when I bought it…and yet every six months or so the technology bubble bursts and another ‘must have’ item pops up on the radar. Yet somehow, as I sit here with my Leaf Aptus 75 (not even a 75S!) and my Canon 5D mkii’s, I am still quite capable of turning out cutting edge work. How can that be possible?!! I dunno…maybe if I was a Nikon guy, this news would make my willy get hard, but honestly, I’m kinda thinking all those D4 guys out there aren’t losing any sleep over whether they should be putting their cameras up on eBay or not…..

  • mthouston

    I still like my D4, I still like my D3s. Not in hurry to upgrade and bodies, maybe a lens or two..

  • Guido Vercruysse

    In an other discussion, earlier in December, my prophesy was also that for the D4s we could have suprises, and expected a 20 to 24 MP sensor. Even at the time I wasn’t thinking about the D610, but this could be realy sense to me they could took another sensor from the D610. Using this sensor and improved a little bit. Thing is that knowing Nikon, they had regulary surprises in the past with new outcoming products. I thought the deley was probebly the reason, but know I think the issue with the memory card, to solve must be more the reason of the deley, and using the olympics to test the durability first. Canon and Nikon cannot effort lot of mistakes in present times, ans see they play it on safe now.
    It looks fun to speculate, and the sport is when we will have the final news, how good we where to know the phiosophy of Nikon.

  • Mickey

    Im not sure anyone knows what’s going on. The other day checking the camera on B&H I signed up for the notify when available list. Today I got an e-mail that said the
    Nikon D4s was discontinued .

  • bob cooley

    In total agreement – But its not a Nikon / Canon thing – its a consumer marketing thing. Both brands do it (heck, ALL companies do it). Very few of us who have a D4 are likely to upgrade to the D4s. I don’t think they are trying to get everyone to upgrade with the small incremental upgrades (even though some will do so) it’s a way to bring out a piece of flagship equipment for those who are in the market now, without having to wait for the F5, which would likely have major changes. I also still have a D700 and love it.

  • Brad Trent

    I’m not suggesting it’s a Nikon/Canon/Hasselblad/Leaf/Phase thing…it’s a technology thing where the evolving digital technology changes so quickly, something that was top shelf two years ago is now considered useless, and the worst part is since so much of pro-level digital capture revolves around computer system advancements and application evolution (have you tried to fire up a copy of Photoshop CS1 lately?) that guys like me are FORCED to upgrade or be left with poorly functioning gear. I have no compelling reason to change from my current Leaf Aptus 75, except that I know the Leaf Capture application is going the way of the DoDo bird. I worked through the first twenty years of my career with a set of Nikons, Canons, Hasselblads, Sinars and Rollei’s that in total didn’t cost half of what I’ve spent in the past ten years on upgrading digital camera systems.

  • James

    It had a good long run, but sadly just couldn’t compete with the 1Dxs ;P

  • bob cooley

    No disagreement on all points :)

  • James

    “top shelf two years ago is now considered useless” Maybe by you, personally, I’d be more than happy to take that 5D MkII off your hands.

    You can take the outlook that the best and newest is the only way to go, and if you can afford it sure you can go that way, but if you can’t don’t bash the fact that it exists as if it some how damages your current technology. “…guys like me are FORCED to upgrade or be left with poorly functioning gear.” That 5D you bought however many years ago, might not be as good as the MkIII but it certainly wouldn’t be any better if the MkIII didn’t exist.

  • James

    I’d like to see both.

  • Brad Trent

    James, my point is that back in the good old days, new film camera technology advancements didn’t supersede all previous versions and they weren’t reliant on outside companies like Adobe for support. I live in a digital World where Hasselblad no longer supports my H1 and H2 bodies because they want me to move away from Leaf and buy into their own digital system…and that, my friend, is just plain wrong. I invested a truckload of cash in the H system only to get cut off at the knees when Hasselblad decided they had to get into digital capture. That’s just fine, except where do they get off telling previous early adopters of the H system that they will no longer have anything to do with us and our only option is to get rid of $30k digital backs and buy into their ‘new & improved’ system?

  • J.D. Tyre

    We could all take a note from Mr. Trent’s page….He’s no lightweight, nor beginner in the game….so, I for one listen a little more intently when he has something to say…I, too, remember what FILM is and I had Nikon f3’s for MANY years before digital came along and forced me to upgrade every year or two…now, I’m at the mercy of the CaNikAdode bumrush….Mr. Trent you speak the gospel here as far as I’m concerned

  • Guest

    DAMNNNN 36mp with 11fps.

  • MRowlos

    they made a mistake on their website? why is this news? lol

  • MRowlos

    I agree completely, this is nothing more than some OCD nerd sitting in front of a computer looking for mistakes to point out. Grow up.

  • Mickey

    Received another e-mail from B&H stating the camera was not discontinued but that Nikon asked them to remove it until a later date.