Passenger In Fatal Plane Crash Captures Whole Thing on His GoPro


On December 11th, Ferdinand Puentes captured many people’s worst nightmare on video: his plane making an emergency water landing.

Puentes enjoys capturing takeoffs and landings, and so his GoPro was already rolling on that fateful day when something very bad happened to the single engine of the small plane in which he was a passenger.

He left the camera on, resulting in ultra-dramatic footage (which went viral after he shared it a few days ago with ABC News) of the plane hitting the water off the Hawaiian island of Molokai, passengers scrambling out of the plane and the eventual rescue.

Plus, Puentes also captured one of the most amazing selfies ever, a shot of himself clinging to a seat cushion to stay afloat (his clothes were more than the life jacket could handle) as the tail of the Cessna bobs behind him.

Puentes shares the tale of the crash, which killed one passenger while seven others survived, on his Facebook page, complete with dramatic stills grabbed from his GoPro. Among the more amazing details: Puentes almost got smacked by a humpback whale while trying to swim to shore!

(via CNN)

Image credits: Video still by Ferdinand Puentes

  • brob

    Fatal? did one of the passengers or pilots die?

  • WhiskyTeats

    A Hawaiian health official died. There is audio. She said it.

  • borb

    “Puentes shares the tale of the crash, which killed one passenger” why bother to read?

  • Steven

    You do know the only person to die, Loretta Fuddy, was the woman who made up
    the Hawaii birth certificate up for Obama?

  • junyo

    Unleash the conspiracy kracken!

  • Vlad Dusil

    Oh b**** please, not that s*** again.

  • Maay

    Someone died ? I am most definitely NOT watching that video, out of respect for the deceased and his/her family.

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    There’s not much in the video to see except the water landing and water entering the cabin. If you refuse to watch anything that has anything to do with someone dying, you must not watch the news much.

    I’d rather think the story is about the 7 people that survived a crash.

  • Maay

    Indeed, I don’t watch the news much. I read it.

  • Josh

    So instead of helping or being aware of the situation and his surroundings, this guy is busy with taking pictures? Is this really what we want to be glorifying. Someone DIED!

    The local news report for me also had a quote where it mentioned he also forgot to inflate his own life vest. Seriously? How about some sense of priorities.

  • Morgan Glassco

    You must know know what the term “made up” means.

  • Matias Gonua

    You mean there’s something more important than filming yourself and getting the video on TV? Yeah right.

  • Stephen

    “his clothes were more than the life jacket could handle”
    Let’s see… Hawaii, tourist, so, underwear, shorts, T-shirt, wallet, some change, minimal keyring. From the selfy, some body fat. And yet, the life jacket cannot keep him afloat?!?!

    Who test these things? Let me guess, prime chinese quality, right?

    Did the only fatality died of drowning, or an heart attack?

  • gradyphilpott

    You must have a hard time watching old movies.

  • readingbetweenlines

    she was the person who submitted obamas birth certificate, the one supposedly fake & she was going to clear things up or prove obama is not a usa born citizen & therefor couldnt be president. Selfie guy is a us marshal in charge of protecting her life. while a 70 year old pilot swam to shore (yes he made it) selfie marshal was with an ALIVE mrs. Fuddy, she was alive. & when rescued she supposedly died while a us marshall sworn to uphold his duty & protect her life let her die while he took selfies. she wasnt just some health official. she was a key in wether or not your president has been in office illegally. what a coincidence her plane crashed. what another coincidence shes left with a us government employee while she was alive & now shes dead