THIS is How You Change a Lens Like a Pro: Sony Ad Shows Mid-Skydive Lens Change

A couple of weeks ago, we shared a video that showed a guy dropping his brand new $2,300 24-70mm f/2.8L lens as he demonstrates how to quickly swap your lenses out “just like the pros.” Some people thought it was real, some thought it was fake, but whatever the case it definitely WAS a big fat fail.

That is 100% not the case with the epic Sony ad above, which is titled simply “A7R,” but ought to be called “THIS is How You Change a Lens Like a Pro”… feel free to substitute “bada**” for “pro.”

The video was put together by cinematographer Simon Hammond and, although we have zero information about it, we had to share what has to be the coolest lens swap we’ve ever seen. Not because it’s fast, or particularly ‘professional,’ but because it’s happening in mid-air between two skydivers.


“Reaching that balance between the visual narrative of the work and the emotional content of a scene, no matter how short or long, is something I strive for,” writes Hammond in his bio. We’d say he hit that goal big time here.

To see more of his work — which includes equally awesome creations for everyone from Motorola, to Toyota, to Red Bull — head over to his website by clicking here. Oh, and not that we have to say this, but we don’t suggest trying this the next time you go skydiving… the guy who dropped his 24-70mm might have been able to use it afterwards, we don’t think that would be the case if you dropped something here.

(via ISO 1200)

  • Leonardo Abreu


  • georanson

    Not to be that guy but I think its a bit rediculouse for them to call it the worlds first compact full frame interchange lens camera system when Leica did it 2009 with the M9.

  • Renato Murakami

    Sony has ad campaigns nailed… even if they are weird or creepy at times.

  • alealeale ale

    it isn’t the first full frame interchangeable lens compact!! it’s the 7th: Leica M9, M9P, ME, M9 titanium, M Monochrome, M 240!!!!

  • Monteraz

    In that case you forget the Leica M8, not to say all true compact 35 mm film cameras, but anyway, I dont see rangefinders in that segment, I never think in a Leica M9 as a compact camera, dont ask me why.

  • ms

    …for MF rangefinder lenses confined to the focal lengths usable with an RF focusing (so nothing longer than 135mm and no macro) and no chance for AF…. and we’re ignoring the price of the leica “system” as well. At $1700 for an A7 with an excellent sensor this is the first system that many people can even consider buying into so it might as well be “the first”…. not to be that other guy ;)

  • JReagan

    M8 was a crop sensor

  • JReagan

    Maybe they could say “The first affordable (compared to Leica) Full Frame Interchangeable Lens Compact Camera”. I think you would have a hard time find people who consider $1700 affordable for a compact camera… at least what most people consider a compact camera.

  • Monteraz

    LOL, I forgot it :/

  • Mike

    I agree, they are not first so I’m not sure how they can get away with advertising it as such.

  • Jim Johnson

    I laughed because I could do was picture a lens falling out a clear blue sky.

    Death from above. LOL.

  • MH

    WOW. such changing. much real. very pro.

    another irrelevant ad. the actual act of attachment could have been filmed basically everywhere, including my bathroom.
    sry sony, i am a little disappoint.

  • fsjal

    Dude, they are changing lenses on a sweet little camera while skydiving. There is no need to be upset.

  • blueandtoast

    Is it just me, or did they not actually change the lens in freefall? That close shot was definitely either done on the ground or they had insanely awesome image stabilization and took out all the wind turbulence in the clothing in post.

    I’ve been skydiving – there is no way they could be that smooth with the change. Is it possible, yes. Was the close shot done on the ground? Yes.

  • georanson

    Id be happy to see it called “The first AUTO FOCUSING full frame compact camera system” but calling it the first is still an out right lie no mater what the Leica cost.

  • vilo

    Sony A7 a7r is first FF compact camera with AF

  • Florian Kuhnt

    I thought exactly the same…

  • Christian DeBaun

    0:41 to 0:44 looks way too steady to me. I’m thinking this was done by the 2nd unit in a studio.

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    I’m curious, how clean / particle free, is the air up there? I’m asking because it’s blowing faster than 120mph into that open SLR.

  • Duh

    It is NOT a SLR ;)

  • Joe

    just see the sun! it is so obvious that it’s done in studio…

  • David

    I dunno, kinda cool, kinda dumb. Sure, it LOOKS really slick and all, but ….First of all, what skydiving photog in their right mind would not be prepared with the proper lens they need for the shot already ON the body, because nobody is ever gong to really do this mid air. Secondly, no one is going to skydive with an unsecured camera in their hands no matter how small it is…most skydive rigs attach to the helmet to leave the hands free. At the speed they are traveling the camera could likely be ripped of the hands at any moment. Thirdly, i don’t think they really did this in the video. The coupling looks like it was probably staged on the ground, doesn’t it? So if this IS a deception how is i relevant to anything about the camera?

  • 11

    micro fibers on the hand gloves seem super steady…. indicating no air turbulence at all..??

  • surfnetb

    I used to be a skydiver too and I am convinced the part where they put the lens on the camera was filmed on the ground. There is no pressure of the wind on the sleeves and the action is too clear and stable to be happening in a free fall… certainly why the close up and we can’t see full body anymore.

  • Mark

    Wow, must be a titanium shutter to survive that descent…

  • faloc

    though manual focusing on an RF is more precise ^^ people are just too lazy nowadays -.-

  • Monteraz

    Man this is just a spot, it pretends to be beautiful and be shared, they are not making it for the “skydivers photog who change lenses in the air”

  • James

    they made it viral, that’s what counts for ads, but i see quite a lot of pretty CG! lots of shots are simply not possible like that without reflectors (just watch the fill lights!), not to mention the contrasts we have in the counter-light shots, even Sonys amazing sensor can’t technically do that. so sorry to call it out but all in all just a plain FAKE!

  • Sky

    It’s either very, very good 3D animation, or everything was filmed on a ground.

  • Werner

    I would say that most of the shots have been done on ground. I remember another ad incorporating some skydivers which – accordingly to the make-of vid – was shot more or less on ground too.

  • greenarcher02

    No, people just value speed nowadays what with the influx of kids.

  • EJC


  • taufik akbar

    I laugh at all the people saying this is fake. stop pretending you are smarter than everyone, people

  • alealeale ale

    You’re right but that’s not what they advertized.

  • RuneA

    Am I the only one that see how idiotic and irresposible that lens switch mid-air was!? What if they had dropped one of the camera parts, and it hit some innocent person on the ground? They could have made some serious damage to someones property too! No, I was not impressed by that testosterone and egosentric filled scene.