Canon Unveils the EOS M2 with Twice the Focusing Speed, May Not Come to the US


Canon’s first mirrorless camera, the EOS M, received mixed reviews when it first hit the market, mainly because of its slow autofocus. Canon is hoping to address those concerns with the newly-announced EOS M2, but it looks like this one might not even make it to the US or Europe.

The camera giant’s first foray into the mirrorless market came last year with the EOS M, and while image quality impressed reviewers, the camera’s underwhelming AF system doomed it to less-than-stellar sales in a mirrorless ILC market that was pretty well stacked.

Now, Canon Japan and China have both announced the arrival of the EOS M2 and, although the design remains mostly unchanged, it looks like the internals got a few significant boosts.

First off, both of the major issues with the EOS M — those being: the sluggish AF and the fact that the screen blacked out when you took a picture — have been addressed. The camera now boasts Canon’s Hybrid CMOS AF II, which promises a 2.3x improvement in AF speed, and the blackout issue is gone despite the fact that the 18MP APS-C sensor inside the EOS M2 is unchanged from its predecessor.

Other notable features include the addition of built-in WiFi for wireless sharing and image transfer and AF Servo mode when shooting video.

Here are a few more photos:











The final piece of news that might be troubling for Canon fans outside of Asia who were hoping to go mirrorless is that, at least for now, there seems to be no indication that this shooter will make it to the US or Europe.

According to Canon Rumors, “No retailer has contacted us about preorders, there is no press release from Canon USA or Canon UK, and my contact at Canon Canada didn’t even know the camera was coming.” All of this, along with the fact that the EF-M 11-22 IS STM lens announced earlier this year never made it stateside either, points to an Asia-only release.

If you do happen to live in Japan, you’ll be able to pick up the EOS M2 starting later this month for 84,800 yen (about $820) with a kit lens or 64,800 yen (about $630) for the body only. Check out the Canon Japan or China press releases for more details.

  • Michael Palmer

    Wake me up when Canon release an interesting mirrorless camera.

  • Sean Lucky

    So, Canada just gets lumped in with the US? Can we not say North America then? Just a thought.

  • gochugogi

    Well, no South America release either, so just say the Americas go M-less…

  • Sean Lucky

    That would make sense to me! The United States (US) is a much more specific region…

  • Brendan James

    No dual pixel sensor? C’mon Canon.

  • canon_ex_fan

    this looks like the endless t2-3-4-5i series, just scramble the buttons a bit, make the software focus a bit faster and keep all the same sht. no innovation, well time to change brand..

  • Ioan Nicolae

    No viewfinder? Not even a face lift? Then is not good for my money!

  • R O

    Is this just Canon throwing in the towel against Fuji, Panasonic, Sony and Olympus when it comes to mirrorless? Strange to see the Canikon juggernaut refuse to release anything competitive in the mirrorless segment. If you’re going to play, you might as well bring your A game or you should just stay home.

  • Sean Hurt

    If it isn’t coming to the US, why is it stamped fcc compliant on the bottom?

  • Zos Xavius

    In case maybe they change their mind?

  • markz

    obvious prototype label is obvious, made up by designers from a boiler plate (code is invalid for both fcc and for the cmiit)

  • JoeNoName

    Go Nex?

  • Halans

    Is AF twice as fast as the original M1 firmware?
    Or twice as fast as latest M1 firmware v2?

  • devtank

    THe EOS-M is still a very valid video camera. Its basically the same engine as the 7D. Ive shot quite a few commercial projects with the M. The lenses are also good, though I use adapted Manual focus lenses and may consider a speedbooster.

  • D.G. Brown

    I interpret this as Canon giving me their blessing to go get an a7R ;-)

  • JoeNoName

    for half the price you get much better cameras from the Nex system?
    Nex has a much better engine?
    How about a speed booster and manual lenses for a Nex and a Nex for the price of just a M2?

  • devtank

    I paid just a touch over two hundred dollars for my EOS-M on ebay. Its a body-lens kit with the lens removed. everything else is there. Now, you can buy the lenses for about a hundred dollars each. Ill probably buy another two in the coming months as the prices drop even further. Theres nothing like having multiple broadcast cameras in you pocket, for multi cam setups that would otherwise cost you an arm and a leg.

  • devtank

    I was under the impression that a more ‘pro’ version was on the way also, one with a built in finder. Thats what DPR had been alluding to anyway..

  • Willi Kampmann

    “According to Canon Rumors, ‘No retailer has contacted us about preorders, there is no press release from Canon USA or Canon UK, and my contact at Canon Canada didn’t even know the camera was coming.’”

    It wouldn’t surprise me if this is exactly how the decision was made for keeping it Asia-only: no one in the market really cared for that camera, no units were ordered, nothing, so they just said to themselves “ah what the hell, let’s just skip it and go home early”.

    The original EOS M had the biggest meh-factor of all EVIL cameras, and this new iteration seems to build on that. Meh².

  • t k

    Why is leica not bothered?

    i’m thinking this might be only available for a short time and another model will be available worldwide less than a year after the M2. It has happened before…

  • barney klingenberg

    The 7D was valid in 2009. Even an $400 D5100 kills it in noise and dynamic range. The NEX3-5-6 use the same sensor as the D5100. Or a more recent version. The Eos m is not valid at all. there are at least a dozen of better options out there

  • barney klingenberg

    Since it uses roughly the same tech i would guess the m1 firmware.

  • barney klingenberg

    Can you hibernate better then a polar bear?

  • andrew boon

    Nice camera !

  • Michael Palmer

    Muhaha. Just for the record I do actually use Canon equipment !

  • barney klingenberg

    No problem.
    Canon used to make exciting products even in cheaper models. That was some time ago though.

  • devtank

    Of course it is! It’s still as valid today as it was the day it was released, its just that your demands have changed. All things relative.
    For the money it’s even more relative, same with this nex’s. What are the better options out there at the same $250-300 price point?

  • barney klingenberg

    since we are talk old tech.
    I can get a Panasonic G3 for 189 euro’s new. which is arround $230 i think. at the local camera store here. similar image quality according to Dxo. Since it’s a M4/3 lot’s of native lenses. fast AF and a viewfinder. tiltable lcd screen.

    The release price of this canon was a ridiculous $799,-
    Making the camera cheaper does not make it good. It just makes it what it always was. CHEAP!!

  • BauerMECH

    You know, camera bodies are more-or-less the “disposable” part of a photographer/cinematographer’s arsenal. Our investments are in good glass. Why not go w/ another brand? Consistency in the workflow. I can shoot 24fps, in the same format, and use any of my already acquired lenses across all of my cameras. As devtank pointed out, it’s ideal for quick multi-cam set-ups. Does Canon have some shortcomings? YES, but I have too much invested in glass alone to validate a switch to a Sony – the rising star, no doubt.

  • BauerMECH

    Quite true. We Americans made a big fuss about the T3i-5i line… why allow it to happen again? Although, there’s gonna’ be a lot of people asking, “What happened to the 2?” when/if the 3 shows up on the scene.

  • BauerMECH

    Not to butt in but… two words: Magic Lantern. The EOS-M can shoot 14bit RAW in 720p. Granted it adds two extra steps to one’s workflow before getting it inside an editor, but it’s untainted RAW footage :-)

  • barney klingenberg

    “and use any of my already acquired lenses across all of my cameras”

    Now that’s the problem NEX, M4/3, X-mount face.
    It doesn’t matter how good those products are it will never outweigh a big previous investment.

    When you don’t have lenses in a particular mount chosing the EOS M is probably not the right thing by a long shot.

    The magic lantern team do some great thing for videographers. But don’t forget what an hacked GH2 can do.

  • Mack

    I don’t want wifi, movies, or a silent dog whistle; I want a good camera with a good pancake lens that will take good pictures for a reasonable price. Okay, what I really want is the Leica Monochrom, but one pays too much for the label. Canon could do a monochrome camera better and for less money. Canon could. Could. Will?