Are Your Pics Blue Enough? How to Turn Your Photos Into Instagram ‘Like’ Magnets


Want to get more likes on Instagram? Make sure your images are predominantly blue, spaciously cropped, bright and mildly desaturated.

At least those are the criteria handed down by Philadelphia-based research firm Curalate, which recently shared the results of an extensive study charting likes for 8 million Instagram posts against 30 image parameters.



According to the survey, other factors that contribute to an image’s likeability include:

  • Dominance of a single color, preferably blue
  • Brightness in the 65-80 percent range
  • A recognizable background (i.e. don’t crop tightly)
  • Mild desaturation, like what you get with the “Walden” or “Rise” filters
  • Uploaded via Twitter

Oddly, some of the Instagram results directly contradict an earlier Curalate survey on Pinterest popularity. That study advised going for a reddish-orange hue rather than blue. Also good for Pinterest but apparently not Instagram: 50-percent saturation and multiple dominant colors.

One possible explanation is that images with a single dominant color are so rare (10 percent or so) on Instagram that they tend to stand out.

(via The Daily Mail)

  • keirinrcr

    Or, y’know… PUPPIES!

  • Chris

    Actually, the biggest explanation is probably user base. Pinterest has a more female (80% vs 60ish%) user base, and also caters to both an older, wealthier, less urban crowd.

  • Lucas Hoffmann

    I can’t believe they didn’t calculate the cat factor… amateurs…

  • harumph

    My next book: Blue Cats!

  • brob

    or be a hot chick

  • Clayton Finley

    easy, just #cats every photo. Done and done. ( seriously, random bad photo over filtered photo with #cats and watch the likes roll in. )

  • Don Schafe

    Wonder how many likes ‘blue balls’ would get?

  • MJ Coffey

    I see what you did there. Like.

  • Matt

    Interesting. I that would be a cool study to try and measure physcial, social and economic prefereces to images.

  • Whayne

    What’s an instagram?

  • AlienDan

    What a stupidly unscientific comparison of images.